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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Indians say touched humans and gave them a taste for evil?
(a) A wendigo.
(b) A cannibal.
(c) The wind.
(d) A cat.

2. Which Indian territory does Louis enter?
(a) Banshee territory.
(b) Micmac territory.
(c) Caddo territory.
(d) Cherokee territory.

3. How does Louis feel when he returns from his first visit to Jud's house?
(a) Energized.
(b) Tired.
(c) Petty.
(d) Scared.

4. How does Ellie feel after her first day at school?
(a) Indifferent.
(b) Bored.
(c) Scared.
(d) Exhilarated.

5. What does Jud tell Louis to say about the cat's burial?
(a) A dog ate him.
(b) Nothing. Maybe no one will miss him.
(c) He must have run away.
(d) Nothing. Keep it a secret.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 2, why does Gage begin to scream?

2. Who cries all night when the family pet is gone to the vet?

3. During their first screen porch visit, what advice does Jud give Louis?

4. In Chapter 8, what does Jud warn Ellie about the woods behind the Creed home?

5. What two secrets is Louis hiding in Chapters 26-30?

Short Essay Questions

1. What discrepancy in Jud's pet story did Louis recall?

2. Discuss two situations cause Louis anxiety in Chapter 7.

3. Why does Louis try to quickly clean up any animals that Church kills?

4. What secret does Jud and Louis keep from their wives in Chapter 25 and who decides it must be kept a secret?

5. Why doesn't Louis doubt Jud's tale about the evil powers at the Indian burial grounds?

6. How does Louis feel as he crosses into the Indian territory with Jud?

7. Discuss the appearance of the "pet sematary."

8. How does the university medical center transport Pascow to the local hospital?

9. What happens as the family stares at their new home for the first time?

10. How does Louis explain to Ellie about the cat getting "fixed."

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