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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Jud invite Louis to do in Chapter 4?
(a) Come over later for dinner.
(b) Come over later for a beer.
(c) Come over to give his wife medical advice.
(d) Talk a walk down the street.

2. How does Ellie feel after her first day at school?
(a) Scared.
(b) Exhilarated.
(c) Indifferent.
(d) Bored.

3. What was the name of the Creed's pet?
(a) Church.
(b) Char.
(c) Chum.
(d) Chick.

4. For whom was the Creed's pet named?
(a) He was an Easter pet.
(b) Plankton's Chum Bucket.
(c) Charcoal since he was gray.
(d) Winston Churchill.

5. What does Louis notice is missing from the family pet after being fixed?
(a) The obvious.
(b) The feistiness in his eyes.
(c) A patch of fur.
(d) His collar.

Short Answer Questions

1. In which region of the United States is the Creed's new home?

2. What were the dying man's last words?

3. Who made the grave markers for the pet cemetery?

4. Which family were trappers and traders in the community in the 1800s?

5. How does the campus medical center get the dying man to a hospital?

Short Essay Questions

1. What grudge does Louis hold against his father-in-law and why doesn't the man like Louis?

2. What does Louis do with the Creed family pet after the truck accident on the busy road?

3. Why doesn't Norma get out of the house more?

4. How does Louis explain to Ellie about the cat getting "fixed."

5. What disturbs Louis about the dying man's words?

6. What does the dead man tell Louis and why?

7. What is Louis's reaction when the dead man shows up in his bedroom doorway?

8. Why does Louis return home feeling petty after his first visit to Jud's house?

9. Why does Louis try to quickly clean up any animals that Church kills?

10. Discuss the appearance of the "pet sematary."

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