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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Louis calls the morgue and learns that the dead man's body is...
(a) Not there because it never existed.
(b) Covered in dirt and pine needles.
(c) Missing from the autopsy center.
(d) In a morgue in his home state.

2. Which Indian territory does Louis enter?
(a) Micmac territory.
(b) Caddo territory.
(c) Banshee territory.
(d) Cherokee territory.

3. What happened to Jud's dog that he buried in the cemetery?
(a) It returned with a white patch of fur marking where a bullet had entered its head.
(b) It returned but was missing a leg.
(c) it returned but had rabies.
(d) Nothing.

4. What does Louis dream about the night Gage is sick?
(a) Killing Jud.
(b) Killing the cat and burying him again.
(c) Visiting a prostitute.
(d) Running away to Disney World.

5. What does Rachel fix for dinner the night she sends the kids to the babysitter?
(a) Hamburger Helper.
(b) Hamburgers.
(c) Homemade stroganoff.
(d) Steaks.

Short Answer Questions

1. Louis's uncle, a mortician, told him that during an autopsy, the skull is filled with...

2. Who removes the stinger in Chapter 3?

3. Who doubts the wisdom of showing Louis the burial ground?

4. What perplexes Louis about the dying man in the campus clinic on the first day of school?

5. In Chapter 8, what does Jud warn Ellie about the woods behind the Creed home?

Short Essay Questions

1. What secret does Jud and Louis keep from their wives in Chapter 25 and who decides it must be kept a secret?

2. What discrepancy in Jud's pet story did Louis recall?

3. How does Louis explain to Ellie about the cat getting "fixed."

4. What does Louis notice about the family pet after getting it neutered? What do the other family members notice?

5. Why doesn't Louis doubt Jud's tale about the evil powers at the Indian burial grounds?

6. What is Louis's reaction when the dead man shows up in his bedroom doorway?

7. How does the university medical center transport Pascow to the local hospital?

8. What happens as the family stares at their new home for the first time?

9. Why did Stanny B know so much about the Micmac Indians?

10. Discuss two situations cause Louis anxiety in Chapter 7.

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