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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the Indians say they stopped using their burial ground?
(a) A wendigo soured the land.
(b) It was too windy there.
(c) It was too difficult to climb the cliff.
(d) Grave robbers took over.

2. Who told Jud about the second burial ground?
(a) Pascow.
(b) Stanny B.
(c) His mother.
(d) His father.

3. What two secrets is Louis hiding in Chapters 26-30?
(a) The death and resurrection of Church and the prosititute he visited six years prior.
(b) He wants a new car and wants to run away from home.
(c) His fear of death and his anger against his in-laws.
(d) His friendship with Jud and Pascow.

4. While Church lies purring on Gage's chest, what is happening to Gage?
(a) His fever goes away.
(b) He sleeps peacefully.
(c) He's choking on his own vomit.
(d) He's suffocating from cat fur.

5. After arriving at the new home, Louis realizes he has lost...
(a) The house keys.
(b) His car keys.
(c) His first aid kit.
(d) The family pet.

6. Louis calls the morgue and learns that the dead man's body is...
(a) In a morgue in his home state.
(b) Covered in dirt and pine needles.
(c) Missing from the autopsy center.
(d) Not there because it never existed.

7. Who offers to take Ellie for a walk down the path in the Creed's backyard?
(a) Jud.
(b) Louis.
(c) A boy from school.
(d) Norma.

8. What is the first emergency Louis tends to at his new job?
(a) Vomiting.
(b) First day of school jitters.
(c) A gaping hole in a man's skull with lots of bleeding.
(d) An eye injury.

9. How does Louis explain getting the pet fixed to Ellie?
(a) There's something wrong with him that needs to be corrected.
(b) After getting fixed, the pet won't want to cross the road anymore.
(c) His leg is broken and it must be set.
(d) He tells her to let him handle it since he's a medical professional.

10. Where does the Chapter 16 visitor take Louis?
(a) To the hospital.
(b) To the kitchen.
(c) To Jud's backyard.
(d) To the pet sematary.

11. Who is spending Thanksgiving in Chicago?
(a) Rachel and the kids.
(b) The Pascow family.
(c) The Creed family.
(d) Jud and Norma.

12. What does Jud warn Louis about during their first evening visit?
(a) An evil vet who likes to fix animals.
(b) The pedestrian traffic on the road.
(c) The truck traffic on the road.
(d) A ghost from the local cemetery.

13. In Chapter 1, why is Louis reluctant to take Jud up on his invitation to stop by for a beer?
(a) He thinks the Crandalls are looking for free medical advice.
(b) He's scared of him.
(c) He's not sure he can trust a stranger's cooking.
(d) He doesn't like the man.

14. In Chapter 16, terror drives Louis to his knees when he sees...
(a) A dark path.
(b) A pile of leaves.
(c) A writhing mass of moving bones.
(d) A cliff.

15. In Chapter 12, who screams for Louis?
(a) Joan Charlton.
(b) Rachel.
(c) Jud.
(d) Steve Masterson.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which Indian territory does Louis enter?

2. In Chapter 2, why does Gage begin to scream?

3. What does the Chapter 16 visitor tell Louis?

4. What did Louis drink at Jud's house?

5. What illness does Norma have?

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