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Chapters 1 through 14

• In chapter one, Ulysses S. Grant detailed his parentage; Jesse, Ulysses' father, was insistent in chapter two that Grant attend West Point.

• Grant objected, but only because he feared he couldn't pass; he planned to teach but do a short stint in the military before teaching.

• In chapter three, Grant joined the Fourth United States Infantry and was to participate in the Mexican War.

• In chapter four, Grant's regiment left for Texas; while the United States wanted a war with Mexico, Grant said it was important that Mexico made the first hostile move.
• In chapter five, Grant was promoted to second Lieutenant and described breaking mules and his horses.

• In chapter six, Grant talked about a particular horse he had that was unbroken to the saddle.

• In chapter seven, the Mexican War began, and Grant said he regretted his involvement; chapter eight describes a battle at...

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