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C. Bernard Ruffin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In 1923 why did the Holy Office say Padre Pio should not be a saint?
(a) Because they couldn't confirm his supernatural character.
(b) Because they had healed his stigmata.
(c) Because he suffered from mental illness.
(d) Because he was too controversal.

2. In Chapter 18, what did Padre Pio decide to build?
(a) A school.
(b) An orphanage.
(c) A hospital.
(d) A church.

3. Who did Padre Pio hire as a secretary in Chapter 24?
(a) A newspaper writer.
(b) Maria's younger sister.
(c) A priest.
(d) A cousin of his.

4. In Chapter 15, what did the author say Padre Pio accepted donations for?
(a) Only children.
(b) He refused donations.
(c) The needy.
(d) To pay for his medical expenses.

5. In Chapter 24, what religious movement did Padre Pio try to stop?
(a) Jewish Reformists.
(b) Protestants.
(c) Jehovah's Witnesses.
(d) Seventh Day Adventists.

6. How did Mayor Morcaldi react to news that Padre Pio should not be considered a saint?
(a) He wrote a letter agreeing with the decision.
(b) He met with Padre Pio in private.
(c) He burned the newsletter.
(d) He led a march.

7. In Chapter 19, why did Padre Pio feel like he had more time to work with his spiritual children?
(a) Because he was apart from his family.
(b) Because he wasn't preaching.
(c) Because he had his own church to meet with them.
(d) Because he had a smaller amount of spiritual children.

8. In Chapter 23, how did American and British soldiers affect Padre Pio's ministry?
(a) They spread it.
(b) They forced him to move.
(c) They shrunk the number of followers.
(d) They translated his writings.

9. What did Padre Pio say about San Giovanni Rotondo during World War II?
(a) That it would be spared.
(b) That it would be his new home.
(c) That it would see the devil.
(d) That it would fall to Hitler.

10. When Padre Bernardo became Cardinal, how did it affect Padre Pio?
(a) It didn't affect Padre Pio.
(b) He had less money to work with.
(c) He faced more constraints.
(d) He was given more freedom.

11. In Chapter 27, how did Carrigan feel about Padre Pio's miracles?
(a) He tried to hide them.
(b) He believed in them.
(c) He was skeptical.
(d) He was worried about them.

12. In Chapter 28, how was Padre Pio's ability to bilocate described?
(a) As being dangerous.
(b) As being enlightening.
(c) As being unusual.
(d) As being false.

13. In Chapter 26, when did the author say Padre Pio's day began?
(a) 6:30am.
(b) 5:30am.
(c) 4:30am.
(d) 3:30am.

14. What nickname was Maria Pyle given?
(a) L' Americana.
(b) The Woman.
(c) My Maria.
(d) Le Francious.

15. In Chapter 15, why did Archpriest Don Giuseppe begin confessing to Padre Pio?
(a) Because he wanted a promotion in the friary.
(b) Because he thought Padre Pio was a different person.
(c) Because Padre Pio was most trustful.
(d) Because he thought he was blessed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Brunatto threaten to publish a book?

2. How did Padre Pio supposedly convert Dr. Ricciardi to Christianity?

3. At the end of Chapter 24, who did the author say called on Padre Pio for help?

4. In Chapter 14, how did the author say World War I affected Padre Pio's ministry?

5. How did Padre Pio feel about the lines of people who wanted to confess to him in Chapter 26?

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