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C. Bernard Ruffin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 15, what did the author say Padre Pio accepted donations for?
(a) He refused donations.
(b) Only children.
(c) The needy.
(d) To pay for his medical expenses.

2. When Pope Pius XI took over, what was his major concern?
(a) Totalitarian regimes.
(b) Making the church more money.
(c) Weeding out frauds.
(d) Working with ecstatics.

3. At the end of Chapter 24, who did the author say called on Padre Pio for help?
(a) Famous people.
(b) Protestants.
(c) Women.
(d) Sick people.

4. In Chapter 26, how long did the author say Padre Pio would hear confessions for each day?
(a) Up to 6 hours a day.
(b) He stopped hearing confessions at this time.
(c) Up to 4 hours a day.
(d) Up to 8 hours a day.

5. Who did Adelaide leave his trust to?
(a) Maria.
(b) Padre Pio.
(c) Pius XII.
(d) Padre Agostino.

6. In Chapter 15, why did Archpriest Don Giuseppe begin confessing to Padre Pio?
(a) Because he thought he was blessed.
(b) Because he thought Padre Pio was a different person.
(c) Because he wanted a promotion in the friary.
(d) Because Padre Pio was most trustful.

7. In Chapter 24, what religious movement did Padre Pio try to stop?
(a) Protestants.
(b) Jewish Reformists.
(c) Seventh Day Adventists.
(d) Jehovah's Witnesses.

8. In Chapter 21, what did the author say Padre Pio's life was not when it came to supernatural feats?
(a) Painful.
(b) A carnival.
(c) Trustworthy.
(d) A Biblical mirror.

9. In Chapter 24, how did Padre Pio feel about the monarchy?
(a) He opposed it.
(b) He wanted to join it.
(c) He supported it.
(d) He ignored it.

10. In Chapter 18, why did Maria Pyle's mother come to Italy?
(a) To meet Padre Pio.
(b) To try to bring Maria home.
(c) To take a vacation.
(d) To move to Italy.

11. How did Padre Pio supposedly convert Dr. Ricciardi to Christianity?
(a) By reading his mind.
(b) By turning inanimate objects into food.
(c) By taking part in a bilocation.
(d) By healing him on his death bed.

12. In Chapter 20, what did Mayor Mordalci do to try to defend Padre Pio?
(a) Create a safe haven in his town.
(b) Expose his opponents in a book.
(c) Block off Padre Pio's windows.
(d) Write an editorial in his favor.

13. Why did Brunatto threaten to publish a book?
(a) To upset secularists.
(b) He didn't threaten to publish a book.
(c) To get the pope to meet with him.
(d) To force the ban on Padre Pio to be lifted.

14. In 1933, what changed for Padre Pio?
(a) He could hear confessions from women.
(b) He could give mass publicly.
(c) He could break the host.
(d) He could give last rites.

15. In Chapter 14, how did the author say World War I affected Padre Pio's ministry?
(a) It grew it.
(b) It made it illegal.
(c) It strengthened their beliefs.
(d) It shrunk it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Don Giovanni Miscio say against Padre Pio and his ministry?

2. When Padre Bernardo became Cardinal, how did it affect Padre Pio?

3. In Chapter 15, what was Monsignor Pasquale Gagliardi accused of?

4. In Chapter 26, what did Padre Pio do instead of eating dinner?

5. In "The Agony of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane," what did Padre Pio salvation required?

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