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C. Bernard Ruffin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Between Heaven and Hell, Chapter 7, The Double Exile, Chapter 8, The Dark Night of the Soul.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What explanation for his hand wounds did Padre Pio give?
(a) Jesus and Mary gave them to him.
(b) He didn't have an explanation.
(c) His teacher caused them.
(d) God forced him to do it to himself.

2. How did Padre Pio feel about leaving his family in Chapter 2?
(a) He was sad.
(b) He didn't care.
(c) He was proud.
(d) He was excited.

3. What season was it when Padre Pio left his family in Chapter 2?
(a) Fall.
(b) Spring.
(c) Summer.
(d) Winter.

4. In Chapter 5, what did Padre Pio do to help others through Purgatory?
(a) Offered his own suffering.
(b) Called upon God to end Purgatory.
(c) He didn't help others through Purgatory.
(d) Taught them to pray the rosary.

5. What did Benedetto tell Padre Pio in Chapter 5 to help with his fears?
(a) To suffer more.
(b) To read the Bible.
(c) To write about it.
(d) To pray with others.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 3, how did Padre Pio feel about his daily schedule?

2. In Chapter 6, who did Padre Pio tell about his desire to return to Pietrelcina?

3. In Chapter 3, why did Padre Pio decide to live a life of suffering?

4. What did Giovanna Rizzani say Padre Pio's form promised her?

5. In Chapter 7, what did the author say he came to assume from reading the letters of Padre Pio's family?

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