Objects & Places from Padre Pio: The True Story

C. Bernard Ruffin
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Pietrelcina, Italy - This was Pio's hometown in Southern Italy.

San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy - This was where Pio settled and spent nearly his entire life up until his death.

The Home to Relieve Suffering - This was the hospital founded by Padre Pio.

Pio's Friary - This was located in San Giovanni Rotondo and while modest, became acclaimed because of Padre Pio.

The Capuchin Order - This was a group of friars described as being a conservative offshoot of the Franciscans.

The Stigmata - These were the appearance of wounds on a person similar to those Jesus Christ received during his crucifixion.

Pio's Gloves - This was how Padre Pio hid his stigmata.

Bilocation - This was Padre Pio's ability to be in two places at once.

Mind-Reading - This was how Padre Pio knew people's sins without them saying them.

Investigations - These were started...

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