Padre Pio: The True Story Character Descriptions

C. Bernard Ruffin
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Francesco Forgione/Padre Pio

This person had a large and faithful following despite his many critics who believed that his miracles were false.

Padre Benedetto Nardella of San Marco

This person served as a spiritual guide to priests in training.

Gra and Beppa

These parents raised their children to be devout Catholics.

Padre Agostino of San Marco

This person recorded the spiritual and miraculous happenings in his best friend's life.


These people inspected hand wounds for fraud.

Supernatural Beings

These were sometimes reported to speak to spiritual people and send them messages to spread.

Padre Paolino

This person was a monitor or guard initially but later became a friend of the person he was watching.

Gerardo Agostonio Gemelli

This person was a highly renowned priest and an acclaimed physician, psychologist, and theologian.

Monsignor Pasquale Gagliardi

This person was the Archbishop of Manfredonia, who became known for committing...

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