Padre Pio: The True Story Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

C. Bernard Ruffin
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Chapter 1, The

• Padre Pio was born in a small, poor village called Pietrelcina.

• There were conflicting reports about Padre Pio's childhood, but it appears he was very religious and healthy.

• Padre Pio decided to join the Capuchin Order, even though his parents wanted him to become a priest.

• Padre Pio attended private school to prepare to join the Capuchin Order, and he nearly backed out when he worried about being able to abstain from life's joys.

• Padre Pio left his family in 1903 to join the Capuchin Order.

Chapter 3,

• Padre Pio studied to be a friar. He had many schedules, vows, and rules to memorize.

• Padre Pio became interested in the mystics while studying philosophy.

• Padre Pio told his supervisor about his visions and was given a mentor.

• Many people claimed that Padre Pio could bilocate.

• Padre Pio became ill, and his ordination was postponed.

• Padre Pio worried that...

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