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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the manuscript turn out to be?
(a) 26 pages from the submarine Starbuck's log.
(b) Half of an Admiral's autobiography.
(c) Mostly undreadable.
(d) An unauthorized history of naval submarines.

2. What about the Starbuck's engine room strikes Dirk and LT March as suspicious?
(a) There is no maintenance log.
(b) It is clean and well maintained.
(c) The engines are still running.
(d) It is only partially flooded.

3. What are the two most important things about the sub's condition that Dirk reports to Boland?
(a) It is not flooded and still has power from the port reactor.
(b) The slight movement of the boat indicates she is not stuck fast to the seafloor and her water pumps are still working.
(c) It is only partially flooded and the lights are still on.
(d) Her electronics have not corroded and the missiles are intact.

4. Who is the author of the manuscript, excerpts of which are transcribed in Chapter 2?
(a) Dirk Pratt.
(b) CDR Dupree.
(c) ADM Hunter.
(d) SN Farris.

5. What is a "fo'c's'le"?
(a) It's a space in the forward hull where extra anchor chain is kept.
(b) It's a nautical term for any area of the ship where the enlisted crew go to get away from the officers.
(c) It's a variant spelling of "foxhole," and means the crew's lounging area.
(d) It is an abbreviation for "forecastle," or the forward deck of a ship.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the hull number of the Starbuck?

2. Whose responsibility is it to plot the new search area for the Martha Ann after Dirk's interpretation of the evidence?

3. What words does LCDR Boland have tattooed on his arm?

4. What is the city of origin painted on the Martha Ann's hull?

5. Who is the narrator of Chapter 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the different mysteries or questions that ADM Hunter enumerates as he reads the log?

2. How does Dirk determine that Hunter's crew has been searching the wrong area?

3. ADM Hunter refers to CDR Dupree as having a reputation for a computer-like mind. Going back to the prologue, what are some statements that support this view of Hunter's? (Dupree refers to "Annapolis." What does he mean by that?)

4. What is the Fullerton Fracture Zone? Does it actually exist?

5. What are some of the ways that Dirk knows that Summer is neither a government agent nor an American?

6. What is the significance of there not being any paper in the crew's lounge area of the Starbuck?

7. Why is Dirk's helicopter a necessary component of the crew on the Martha Ann?

8. Boland refers to himself as "the skipper" of the Martha Ann. What is a skipper?

9. Capt. Cinana quotes a Naval saying: "Those that lie deep in the Atlantic Sea Are recalled by shrines, wreathes and poetry, But those who lie in Pacific Sea Lie forgotten for all eternity." What does this mean?

10. Why is LT March so resistant to the idea of entering the submarine?

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