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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose responsibility is it to plot the new search area for the Martha Ann after Dirk's interpretation of the evidence?
(a) LCDR Boland.
(b) CDR Denver.
(c) ADM Hunter.
(d) CDR Denver.

2. How does Dirk know that Summer is lying about her reasons for wanting information on Adrian Hunter?
(a) He finds papers on her that tell a different story.
(b) Adrian told him a different story.
(c) He doesn't, but he suspects that she is.
(d) He knows that Adrian does not have access to classified information.

3. What is Dirk's official professional title?
(a) National Undersea Warfare, Chief Counsel.
(b) Naval Appropriations Director.
(c) Special Projects Director of the National Underwater and Marine Agency.
(d) Director of the National Maritime Domain Council.

4. Who is Adrian Hunter?
(a) A spy trying to kill Admiral Hunter.
(b) Admiral Hunter's daughter.
(c) Dirk's girlfriend.
(d) A government operative trying to kill Dirk.

5. What kind of car does Dirk drive?
(a) An AC Cobra.
(b) An antique Chevy pickup.
(c) A Volkswagen beetle.
(d) A Ford Mustang.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Dirk beginning to distrust his situational awareness after his visit to the museum and George Papaaloa?

2. What is the city of origin painted on the Martha Ann's hull?

3. What is unusual about the security on the Martha Ann?

4. What does Dirk communicate about the sub's crew in his initial message back to the Martha Ann?

5. What does Dirk start carrying before when he realizes the danger he has put himself in before reporting to Admiral Hunter?

Short Essay Questions

1. Dirk notes some distinct oddities about the Starbuck's final resting place and the condition. Describe what these oddities mean.

2. Dirk sees no need to show up on time to his "date" with ADM Hunter (to report for duty). How is this reflective of both Dirk's personality and his attitude towards ADM Hunter?

3. Cussler gives a good description of rip tides after Dirk has swum out beyond the breakers at Kaena Point. Describe them, why they are dangerous and explain how best to swim through them if caught in one.

4. Why is LT March so resistant to the idea of entering the submarine?

5. Boland refers to himself as "the skipper" of the Martha Ann. What is a skipper?

6. Cussler also provides good information about shark behavior and risks. What is it?

7. What are some of the ways that Dirk knows that Summer is neither a government agent nor an American?

8. "Perhaps Pitt could do the impossible after all." These words go through Boland's mind after he hears that Pitt is radioing the Martha Ann from the Starbuck. There are several other references throughout the book so far that indicate Dirk has a reputation for being the sort of person who makes the wildly improbable succeed effortless. Who else has said this and where is that perception originating?

9. What are the multiple ways that the Martha Ann is disguised as a civilian ship?

10. What is a possible explanation for the food being gone after only five days? (Remember ADM Hunter makes it clear that they recently left port and should have enough for the entire crew for 90 days.)

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