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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dirk omit from his report on the fight against Them in his hotel room?
(a) His anticipation of the attack.
(b) The plan to make his death look accidental.
(c) Summer's involvement.
(d) Adrian's story.

2. How does Adrian escape when the men from the sea come ashore and kill her friend?
(a) Through a connecting bathroom.
(b) Out the window.
(c) Through a two-way closet.
(d) Through a trapdoor under the bed.

3. Where is Delphi's transmitter that allows him to jam radio signals?
(a) On the island of Maui at an abandoned Army installation.
(b) On Midway Island, in a remote corner of one of the uninhabited islands in the atoll.
(c) On a sandbar 20 nautical miles northwest of Kauai.
(d) In downtown Honolulu, on top of a skyscraper.

4. What makes the fog associated with the Pacific Vortex so odd?
(a) There is nothing odd or different about it, other than its there.
(b) The weather conditions are wrong for fog.
(c) The color is wrong.
(d) There is a thick almost oily texture to the mist.

5. What is the first visible evidence of the real nature of "Them?"
(a) The guard that Dirk kills turns out to be a normal human man.
(b) The man Dirk kills appears to have evolved gills.
(c) Dirk finds evidence of human habitation in the crew's quarters.
(d) Dirk sees a shadow outline of one which appears to have a tail and webbed feet.

6. How does SN Farris react to the battle raging around him on the Martha Ann?
(a) He engages in the gun battle, relieved to be able to vent some of his anger at the men from the sea.
(b) He is having a panic attack as he relives the horror of what happened to the
(c) He is dazedly unconcerned, almost disconnected from reality.
(d) He is asleep.

7. Why is Dirk's and Al's mission time-critical?
(a) Because the plan is to blow up the seamount and the end of the planned time, whether or not the rescue succeeds.
(b) Because they will run out of air.
(c) Because Delphi may escape.
(d) Because Dirk is afraid Summer will be killed.

8. Why doesn't Pearl Harbor know what has been happening with the Martha Ann and the finding of the Starbuck intact?
(a) All radio signals in the area are being jammed.
(b) LCDR Boland has not sent any messages.
(c) The Martha Ann has been using the wrong frequency.
(d) The radios have becomes mysteriously inoperable since they arrived at the Pacific Vortex.

9. What causes the current that injures Dirk and Al?
(a) Delphi's protective current barrier, similar in function to a moat around a castle.
(b) Underwater vortex suction.
(c) Power turbine's exhaust current.
(d) Natural underwater river.

10. What does "noncom" mean as it is used in the beginning of Chapter 10?
(a) Non-communicative, meaning unable or unwilling to speak.
(b) Non-commissioned, meaning not an authorized Naval vessel.
(c) Not-in-compliance, meaning the person or vessel is not obeying instructions.
(d) Non-commissioned, meaning not an officer.

11. Who does Dirk go in search of before taking off in the helicopter?
(a) SN Farris.
(b) The helmsman.
(c) More of "Them" to kill.
(d) LCDR Boland.

12. What is the Joint Chiefs' decision on what to do with the Starbuck?
(a) Leave her where she is.
(b) Mangle her so that her missiles cannot be launched and then raise her later.
(c) Return as soon as possible to restart the salvage expedition.
(d) Cover her with motion activated sensors so they can track the activity of Delphi and his men.

13. Who arrives on the comm deck as Dirk is communicating to the Martha Ann and LCDR Boland?
(a) SN Farris.
(b) Them.
(c) CDR Dupree.
(d) LT March.

14. How does Crowhaven manage to get in touch with ADM Hunter?
(a) By calling the Coast Guard.
(b) Using Morse code through a late night ham radio operator.
(c) Via a commercial radio station in Honolulu.
(d) Via the NWS weather radio frequency.

15. How does Summer escape the seamount?
(a) Dirk carries her to the surface.
(b) She swims, carrying Dirk who is too injured to move.
(c) She doesn't.
(d) She is rescued by the Starbuck .

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Dirk's death intended to appear?

2. What threat does Dirk face being left behind as as the others ride the air bubble from the Starbuck's escape hatch to the surface?

3. What smell does Dirk suddenly recognize as the fog begins to envelop the Martha Ann?

4. What s the first indication that the Martha Ann is in danger at the beginning of Chapter 11?

5. How is the rescue team tracking the submarine's location?

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