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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dirk discover attached to the handrail on the side of the ship at the battle between the Martha Ann's crew and the men from the sea?
(a) A grappling hook.
(b) A jacob's ladder.
(c) A ramp.
(d) A floating line.

2. What kind of shark meets Al as he speeds towards the surface with Adrian?
(a) None.
(b) Great White.
(c) Hammerhead.
(d) Mako.

3. What is the size of the school of fish the Martha Ann's sensors detect as they prepare to escape the Pacific Vortex area?
(a) About 2,000, roughly 2-3 feet in length each.
(b) About 50, ranging from 3 to 10 feet each.
(c) About 500, all identically sized.
(d) About 200, roughly 5-7 feet in length each.

4. What new ship do Dirk and Al discover while on their underwater mission?
(a) The Sampan.
(b) The Hans Zimmer.
(c) The Andrei Vyborg.
(d) An unknown Japanese submarine.

5. How does Al prevent Delphi's gun from killing Dirk?
(a) He puts his finger between the hammer and the striker pin.
(b) He jams the trigger, preventing it from being pulled back.
(c) He secretly unloads the ammunition when Delphi is distracted.
(d) He sticks his finger in the gun barrel.

6. How does Summer escape the seamount?
(a) She doesn't.
(b) Dirk carries her to the surface.
(c) She swims, carrying Dirk who is too injured to move.
(d) She is rescued by the Starbuck .

7. Who is Lavella?
(a) A geologist who specialized in underwater topography.
(b) A marine biologist who specialized in gill evolution.
(c) A physicist who specialized in hydrology.
(d) A mathematician who specialized in ocean current prediction.

8. How does Dirk discover LT March after he realizes they are not alone on the submarine?
(a) Wounded, he's been stabbed.
(b) Dead, he's been shot.
(c) Hiding and wounded.
(d) Dirk cannot find him.

9. Who arrives on the comm deck as Dirk is communicating to the Martha Ann and LCDR Boland?
(a) CDR Dupree.
(b) Them.
(c) SN Farris.
(d) LT March.

10. Where is Delphi's transmitter that allows him to jam radio signals?
(a) On a sandbar 20 nautical miles northwest of Kauai.
(b) In downtown Honolulu, on top of a skyscraper.
(c) On the island of Maui at an abandoned Army installation.
(d) On Midway Island, in a remote corner of one of the uninhabited islands in the atoll.

11. What is holding the Starbuck down?
(a) Seafloor suction.
(b) Lack of power.
(c) Chains Delphi used to anchor her.
(d) Lack of ballast.

12. What does Dirk direct should be done to the Starbuck's torpedo room as they escape?
(a) Tear a hole in the hull.
(b) Arm the torpedoes.
(c) Drain it.
(d) Flood it.

13. Who does Dirk report the attack on Adrian to?
(a) ADM Hunter.
(b) The Honolulu police.
(c) The hotel security team.
(d) The Pearl Harbor Shore Patrol.

14. How does Frederick Moran die?
(a) He dies of a heart attack at age 76.
(b) Delphi shoots him when he becomes too old to serve Delphi's evil purpose any longer.
(c) He kills himself.
(d) He drowns when a pump fails and the tunnel floods.

15. How does Adrian escape when the men from the sea come ashore and kill her friend?
(a) Through a trapdoor under the bed.
(b) Through a connecting bathroom.
(c) Out the window.
(d) Through a two-way closet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What smell does Dirk suddenly recognize as the fog begins to envelop the Martha Ann?

2. What two scientists does Dirk report to when he arrives at Pearl Harbor after the attack in his hotel room?

3. What does Boland want Dirk to do before the invasion of the Martha Ann begins?

4. Why doesn't Pearl Harbor know what has been happening with the Martha Ann and the finding of the Starbuck intact?

5. What does Dirk discover on the bodies of two the men from the sea that he kills?

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