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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of shark meets Al as he speeds towards the surface with Adrian?
(a) Great White.
(b) Mako.
(c) Hammerhead.
(d) None.

2. Who is Al Giordino?
(a) The Assistant Special Projects Director at NUMA.
(b) The owner of a charter plane company on Hawaii.
(c) ADM Sandecker's boss.
(d) An adventurer for hire.

3. What does Dirk direct should be done to the Starbuck's torpedo room as they escape?
(a) Tear a hole in the hull.
(b) Flood it.
(c) Drain it.
(d) Arm the torpedoes.

4. What new ship do Dirk and Al discover while on their underwater mission?
(a) An unknown Japanese submarine.
(b) The Hans Zimmer.
(c) The Sampan.
(d) The Andrei Vyborg.

5. What is the Joint Chiefs' decision on what to do with the Starbuck?
(a) Return as soon as possible to restart the salvage expedition.
(b) Cover her with motion activated sensors so they can track the activity of Delphi and his men.
(c) Mangle her so that her missiles cannot be launched and then raise her later.
(d) Leave her where she is.

6. Who wakes up Dirk after he reaches his hotel room and falls asleep after leaving the hospital?
(a) CAPT Orl Cinana.
(b) ADM Sandecker.
(c) ADM Hunter.
(d) Adrian Hunter.

7. What smell does Dirk suddenly recognize as the fog begins to envelop the Martha Ann?
(a) Melting plastic.
(b) Sulfur.
(c) Eucalyptus.
(d) Smoke.

8. How many of "Them" are on the Starbuck according to SN Farris?
(a) Three guards and a radio-man.
(b) None.
(c) One on duty, one resting.
(d) Two guards at all times.

9. What is the plan for the plane the rescue team flies out to the Pacific Vortex?
(a) Ditch it in the water such that the crew manages to survive and the plane still floats.
(b) The team will skydive from it into the drop zone and let the plane crash wherever it lands.
(c) The plane is a red-herring to make Delphi think they arrived that way. The real underwater rescue team is arriving by submarine.
(d) Al will drop the team and then fly in circles around the site until the pick-up signal is given.

10. What does Dirk do for Al's injured hand?
(a) He wraps it in seaweed.
(b) He uses a scrap of Summer's dress to make a tourniquet.
(c) Nothing.
(d) He gives him his swim trunks as a bandage.

11. What is the size of the school of fish the Martha Ann's sensors detect as they prepare to escape the Pacific Vortex area?
(a) About 50, ranging from 3 to 10 feet each.
(b) About 2,000, roughly 2-3 feet in length each.
(c) About 500, all identically sized.
(d) About 200, roughly 5-7 feet in length each.

12. Why doesn't Pearl Harbor know what has been happening with the Martha Ann and the finding of the Starbuck intact?
(a) The radios have becomes mysteriously inoperable since they arrived at the Pacific Vortex.
(b) All radio signals in the area are being jammed.
(c) LCDR Boland has not sent any messages.
(d) The Martha Ann has been using the wrong frequency.

13. What does Dirk determine is the real cause of the school of fish detected by the Martha Ann's sensors?
(a) A deliberate hijacking of the sensor's signal.
(b) Sharks in a feeding frenzy.
(c) A decoy to distract them from the boarding team.
(d) Men.

14. When Dirk meets Delphi in his underwater caves, how much time is left before the seamount explodes?
(a) 15 minutes.
(b) Three hours.
(c) 50 minutes.
(d) One hour.

15. What does Dirk discover on the bodies of two the men from the sea that he kills?
(a) Webbed hands and feet.
(b) Gills.
(c) A small plastic box adhered to their chests.
(d) Green skin and hair.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Martha Ann has 20 feet of freeboard, making attack from the surface difficult according to LCDR Boland. What is freeboard?

2. Where is Delphi's transmitter that allows him to jam radio signals?

3. Who is Summer's mother?

4. What is Boland's reaction to the news that March is dead?

5. What does "noncom" mean as it is used in the beginning of Chapter 10?

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