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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What smell does Dirk suddenly recognize as the fog begins to envelop the Martha Ann?
(a) Melting plastic.
(b) Eucalyptus.
(c) Sulfur.
(d) Smoke.

2. What does Dirk discover on the bodies of two the men from the sea that he kills?
(a) Green skin and hair.
(b) A small plastic box adhered to their chests.
(c) Gills.
(d) Webbed hands and feet.

3. What is the plan for the plane the rescue team flies out to the Pacific Vortex?
(a) Al will drop the team and then fly in circles around the site until the pick-up signal is given.
(b) The plane is a red-herring to make Delphi think they arrived that way. The real underwater rescue team is arriving by submarine.
(c) Ditch it in the water such that the crew manages to survive and the plane still floats.
(d) The team will skydive from it into the drop zone and let the plane crash wherever it lands.

4. Why doesn't Pearl Harbor know what has been happening with the Martha Ann and the finding of the Starbuck intact?
(a) All radio signals in the area are being jammed.
(b) LCDR Boland has not sent any messages.
(c) The radios have becomes mysteriously inoperable since they arrived at the Pacific Vortex.
(d) The Martha Ann has been using the wrong frequency.

5. Who does Dirk go in search of before taking off in the helicopter?
(a) SN Farris.
(b) LCDR Boland.
(c) The helmsman.
(d) More of "Them" to kill.

6. Who has been Delphi's informant in the Navy?
(a) Adrian Hunter.
(b) LCDR Paul Boland.
(c) CDR Burdette Denver.
(d) CAPT Orl Cinana.

7. What is the Joint Chiefs' decision on what to do with the Starbuck?
(a) Mangle her so that her missiles cannot be launched and then raise her later.
(b) Cover her with motion activated sensors so they can track the activity of Delphi and his men.
(c) Return as soon as possible to restart the salvage expedition.
(d) Leave her where she is.

8. How does Al prevent Delphi's gun from killing Dirk?
(a) He puts his finger between the hammer and the striker pin.
(b) He secretly unloads the ammunition when Delphi is distracted.
(c) He jams the trigger, preventing it from being pulled back.
(d) He sticks his finger in the gun barrel.

9. The Martha Ann has 20 feet of freeboard, making attack from the surface difficult according to LCDR Boland. What is freeboard?
(a) The lip of the deck that juts out over the hull.
(b) The distance from the first deck of the ship to the surface of the water.
(c) The ladders over the side of her hull.
(d) The ship's height from water surface to the top of her superstructure.

10. Who is "Big Daddy?"
(a) The group of Navy SEALS on the rescue team.
(b) Code-name for ADM Hunter back in Pearl Harbor.
(c) Code-name for the Starbuck rescue team.
(d) Dirk's nickname for Al Giordino.

11. What is holding the Starbuck down?
(a) Chains Delphi used to anchor her.
(b) Lack of power.
(c) Lack of ballast.
(d) Seafloor suction.

12. How many men escape with Dirk on the helicopter from the Martha Ann?
(a) 11.
(b) 16.
(c) All of them plus Farris.
(d) Six.

13. How does the Starbuck break free of the ocean floor?
(a) Shock waves from the Monitor's missile strike.
(b) A sudden cold water upwelling.
(c) Luck.
(d) Aftershocks from a spontaneous undersea earthquake.

14. Who is LT Robert Buckmaster?
(a) The Marine officer in charge of taking the transmitter station.
(b) Crowhaven's nav officer.
(c) A former navy officer who defected to Delphi.
(d) Head of Shore Patrol at Pearl Harbor.

15. When Dirk meets Delphi in his underwater caves, how much time is left before the seamount explodes?
(a) One hour.
(b) 50 minutes.
(c) 15 minutes.
(d) Three hours.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Boland want Dirk to do before the invasion of the Martha Ann begins?

2. How does Frederick Moran die?

3. Who or what is Mad Chopper?

4. What new ship do Dirk and Al discover while on their underwater mission?

5. Why does Delphi let SN Farris live?

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