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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does "noncom" mean as it is used in the beginning of Chapter 10?
(a) Non-communicative, meaning unable or unwilling to speak.
(b) Not-in-compliance, meaning the person or vessel is not obeying instructions.
(c) Non-commissioned, meaning not an officer.
(d) Non-commissioned, meaning not an authorized Naval vessel.

2. Who is "Big Daddy?"
(a) Dirk's nickname for Al Giordino.
(b) Code-name for ADM Hunter back in Pearl Harbor.
(c) The group of Navy SEALS on the rescue team.
(d) Code-name for the Starbuck rescue team.

3. What does Dirk determine is the real cause of the school of fish detected by the Martha Ann's sensors?
(a) Men.
(b) Sharks in a feeding frenzy.
(c) A deliberate hijacking of the sensor's signal.
(d) A decoy to distract them from the boarding team.

4. The Martha Ann has 20 feet of freeboard, making attack from the surface difficult according to LCDR Boland. What is freeboard?
(a) The ship's height from water surface to the top of her superstructure.
(b) The lip of the deck that juts out over the hull.
(c) The distance from the first deck of the ship to the surface of the water.
(d) The ladders over the side of her hull.

5. How is Dirk's death intended to appear?
(a) Like a mob hit.
(b) As though he vanished of his own free will after accepting money for secrets.
(c) Accidental drowning.
(d) Like he eloped with Adrian.

6. Who wakes up Dirk after he reaches his hotel room and falls asleep after leaving the hospital?
(a) ADM Hunter.
(b) CAPT Orl Cinana.
(c) ADM Sandecker.
(d) Adrian Hunter.

7. When Dirk meets Delphi in his underwater caves, how much time is left before the seamount explodes?
(a) Three hours.
(b) 15 minutes.
(c) One hour.
(d) 50 minutes.

8. Where is Delphi's transmitter that allows him to jam radio signals?
(a) In downtown Honolulu, on top of a skyscraper.
(b) On a sandbar 20 nautical miles northwest of Kauai.
(c) On Midway Island, in a remote corner of one of the uninhabited islands in the atoll.
(d) On the island of Maui at an abandoned Army installation.

9. What does Dirk omit from his report on the fight against Them in his hotel room?
(a) Summer's involvement.
(b) His anticipation of the attack.
(c) Adrian's story.
(d) The plan to make his death look accidental.

10. What smell does Dirk suddenly recognize as the fog begins to envelop the Martha Ann?
(a) Eucalyptus.
(b) Smoke.
(c) Sulfur.
(d) Melting plastic.

11. Who is Lavella?
(a) A geologist who specialized in underwater topography.
(b) A mathematician who specialized in ocean current prediction.
(c) A marine biologist who specialized in gill evolution.
(d) A physicist who specialized in hydrology.

12. What s the first indication that the Martha Ann is in danger at the beginning of Chapter 11?
(a) A continuous thumping sound coming from the bottom of the hull.
(b) Sudden change in sea state.
(c) Sudden radio silence.
(d) A thick fog coming up from the ocean surface.

13. What is holding the Starbuck down?
(a) Chains Delphi used to anchor her.
(b) Lack of power.
(c) Seafloor suction.
(d) Lack of ballast.

14. How long has the giant with the golden eyes been keeping tabs on Dirk's activities?
(a) Years.
(b) Weeks.
(c) For the last twenty-four hours.
(d) Since the day he picked up the capsule.

15. Why does the giant with the golden eyes select Dirk to be the messenger of the capsule?
(a) Respect and a desire to draw him into the game.
(b) To match his wits against Dirk's for fun.
(c) Impact and believability.
(d) To expose Dirk's prior relationship with Adrian to the ADM.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Dirk go in search of before taking off in the helicopter?

2. How does Dirk finally break Delphi's facade of cool indifference?

3. What replacement weapon does Dirk grab after having expended his single shot weapon?

4. How does Crowhaven manage to get in touch with ADM Hunter?

5. Who is Henry Fujima?

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