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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does it take for Dirk to get the helicopter the Martha Ann is carrying from a cold start into the air?
(a) 10 minutes.
(b) 40 seconds.
(c) One hour.
(d) 90 seconds.

2. What or who is Andrei Vyborg?
(a) A Russian intelligence ship.
(b) A Russian fishing trawler.
(c) A Russian ship captain famous for his adventures in the area of the Pacific Vortex.
(d) A Russian military hero in maritime legend.

3. Who says: "I shot down Admiral Sandecker and his staff over the China Sea."?
(a) CDR Denver.
(b) Dirk Pitt.
(c) ADM Hunter.
(d) LCDR Boland.

4. Why does Dirk stop to talk to George Papaaloa?
(a) To learn more about Pacific Islands.
(b) To find out what he knows about the Pacific Vortex.
(c) To shake off the person tailing him.
(d) To find out what he knows about Summer.

5. When is strict radio silence imposed for a US Navy submarine?
(a) When in transit from missions.
(b) At all times.
(c) When a sub is on patrol or on station.
(d) When the captain orders it.

6. Who is the Chief Director of the Naval Underwater and Marine Agency?
(a) Dirk Pitt.
(b) Captain Orl Cinana.
(c) Admiral Leigh Hunter.
(d) Admiral James Sandecker.

7. Why is one reason the Navy doesn't consider the Starbuck's commanding officer's last statement of position to be credible?
(a) They believe Dirk is perpetrating a hoax.
(b) They believe the Russians planted the manuscript.
(c) They don't trust ADM Hunter.
(d) They don't believe in the Pacific Vortex.

8. How many ships have gone missing where the Starbuck is last reported?
(a) 17.
(b) 56.
(c) 112.
(d) 38.

9. What is the correct phrasing to ask someone to repeat their message or to indicate you are repeating your message?
(a) Second time.
(b) Say again.
(c) Read back.
(d) Re-transmit.

10. How long is the hull of the Starbuck?
(a) 150 feet.
(b) 320 feet.
(c) 242 feet.
(d) 500 feet.

11. What is Barf the Magic Dragon?
(a) A shark killing gun.
(b) An anti-seasickness remedy.
(c) A sea shanty the crew of the Martha Ann made up.
(d) The Martha Ann's mascot.

12. How does Admiral Hunter know that Dirk has never served on a submarine?
(a) Dirk does not have the right military bearing.
(b) ADM Hunter has never heard of Dirk.
(c) Dirk does not recognize the communications capsule.
(d) Dirk does not understand the significance of what he read.

13. What is unusual about the security on the Martha Ann?
(a) The security guards operate in total darkness.
(b) They require three forms of id from Dirk in addition to official orders from ADM Hunter.
(c) They conduct a full body pat-down search prior to allowing entrance to the ship.
(d) There is none, it's not supposed to be a Naval vessel.

14. How long does the Navy extend searches for its missing vessels or crew?
(a) 72 hours.
(b) he Navy does not conduct search and rescue, the Coast Guard does.
(c) 60 days.
(d) Indefinitely.

15. How does Dirk know that Summer is lying about her reasons for wanting information on Adrian Hunter?
(a) He doesn't, but he suspects that she is.
(b) Adrian told him a different story.
(c) He finds papers on her that tell a different story.
(d) He knows that Adrian does not have access to classified information.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Adrian Hunter?

2. Why is diving on a wrecked submarine different from a wrecked ship for Dirk?

3. How does Dirk send a message back to the Martha Ann from the Starbuck?

4. Why does ADM Hunter think CDR Dupree ordered his captain's log delivered to him?

5. What is the radio code for having found the Starbuck?

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