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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Dirk call first to report the incident with the gray van?
(a) ADM Hunter.
(b) ADM Sandecker.
(c) The Honolulu Police.
(d) Adrian Hunter.

2. Why does Dirk's gun do him no good in the shootout with the gray Dodge van that tails him after he leaves the museum?
(a) It is stolen out of his car.
(b) His aim is terrible.
(c) He can't reach it.
(d) He never loaded the ammunition.

3. How does Dirk know that Summer is lying about her reasons for wanting information on Adrian Hunter?
(a) He finds papers on her that tell a different story.
(b) Adrian told him a different story.
(c) He doesn't, but he suspects that she is.
(d) He knows that Adrian does not have access to classified information.

4. What weather phenomenon features in both the reports of the Lillie Marlene and the Starbuck?
(a) A maelstrom or vortex.
(b) A rogue wave.
(c) An isolated fog bank.
(d) A waterspout.

5. How does Dirk decide who to give the manuscript to?
(a) Admiral Leigh Hunter is the only military command officer Dirk knows in the area.
(b) Dirk guesses that Admiral Leigh Hunter might be interested.
(c) The manuscript is addressed to Admiral Leigh Hunter.
(d) The manuscript is written by Admiral Leigh Hunter.

6. Besides his direction on delivering his message, what is CDR Dupree's final request?
(a) Do not let them get us.
(b) Please communicate with my family.
(c) Do not search for us.
(d) Let the world know there ARE extra-terrestrials on Earth.

7. How long is the hull of the Starbuck?
(a) 150 feet.
(b) 500 feet.
(c) 242 feet.
(d) 320 feet.

8. How long can the reactor continue to run unattended?
(a) Indefinitely.
(b) Over a decade.
(c) No more than four to five weeks.
(d) Six to twelve months.

9. How does the Starbuck hit the seafloor?
(a) Perfectly parallel.
(b) Bow first.
(c) Stern first, almost perpendicular.
(d) Upside down.

10. What accounts for the ocean turning a greenish color as the Martha Ann approaches the shallower water of the seamount?
(a) Source unknown.
(b) Toxic waste spewing from the submarine's damaged reactor.
(c) Vegetation growing on the seamount.
(d) A dye marker in the water.

11. According to CDR Dupree's log, which compartment in the sub is the only compartment breached?
(a) The captain's quarters.
(b) The reactor room.
(c) The forward torpedo room.
(d) The aft missile cabin.

12. What ship is responsible for reporting the incident to the Lillie Marlene?
(a) The Vincent Tourmalier.
(b) The San Gabriel.
(c) The Starbuck.
(d) The Verhusson.

13. How long does the Navy extend searches for its missing vessels or crew?
(a) 60 days.
(b) he Navy does not conduct search and rescue, the Coast Guard does.
(c) Indefinitely.
(d) 72 hours.

14. How is the Starbuck's reactor room different from previous nuclear submarines?
(a) It is combined with the engine room and moved to the forward area of the boat.
(b) It is located aft instead of forward.
(c) It is ten times smaller but the reactors are twenty times more powerful.
(d) It is lead shielded to protect the crew better.

15. How does George Papaaloa describe the last researcher of the sunken island legend?
(a) About 6 feet tall, green eyes, black hair.
(b) As a god.
(c) A giant with golden eyes.
(d) A midget with red hair.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long has it been since Dirk has had a vacation?

2. Who is the author of the manuscript, excerpts of which are transcribed in Chapter 2?

3. Why does ADM Hunter think the crew could have still escaped and survived?

4. What strikes Dirk as odd about the galley and lounge area of the Starbuck on his initial recon mission with LT March?

5. What branch of the military does Dirk belong to?

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