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1. In this first book of the Dirk Pitt series written by Clive Cussler, Cussler immediately begins giving hints as to Dirk's colorful personality. What are some of the incidents or statements in the first chapter that illustrate Dirk's character?

Dirk is bold, adventurous and is very confident in his own abilities and importance, though not necessarily in a conceited way. He smokes a pack a day and downs several shots of Cutty Sark whiskey every evening. He swims out past the breakers in a way others do not even know is possible, he goes straight to ADM Hunter in spite of still being dressed in his bathing suit and stands his ground with the ADM secretary who wants to have him arrested. He also enjoys a small power trip by not telling people who he is and forcing them to deal with him on his own merits, not those of his position.

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