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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is unusual about the security on the Martha Ann?
(a) There is none, it's not supposed to be a Naval vessel.
(b) The security guards operate in total darkness.
(c) They require three forms of id from Dirk in addition to official orders from ADM Hunter.
(d) They conduct a full body pat-down search prior to allowing entrance to the ship.

2. What does George Papaaloa ask Dirk about progress on that that Dirk had recently been diving to find?
(a) Atlantis.
(b) The burial cave of King Kamehameha.
(c) Iolani Palace.
(d) The burial grounds of the Koolau tribe.

3. What happens to the driver of the gray Dodge van that tries to run Dirk off the road?
(a) He scrambles free of the falling van and runs from the scene.
(b) He is impaled on a telephone pole spike.
(c) He falls over a sea cliff and is dashed against the rocks.
(d) He is killed in the crash that totals the van.

4. How does Commander Dupree report the final resting place of the Starbuck?
(a) The same as the sub's last reported position.
(b) Precise geo-coordinates, which, if correct, would put the submarine on land.
(c) As unknown.
(d) Precise geo-coordinates, 500 miles from the last reported position.

5. What is the nickname of the area where the Starbuck went missing?
(a) The South China Crevasse.
(b) The Pacific Vortex.
(c) The Laurentian Abyss.
(d) The Bermuda Triangle.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many distress signals have been received from ships that have gone down where the Starbuck is last reported?

2. What is the first year of record for missing ships in the Pacific Vortex?

3. What is Dirk's official professional title?

4. How does LCDR Boland mark the position of the submarine in case they are forced to abandon the site?

5. How does Dirk carry Summer to the hotel?

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