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Thomas Bell (novelist)
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Short Answer Questions

1. What plan does Mary have to help with finances?

2. Who suggests that Mary should take in boarders to earn money?

3. What is Dobie discussing with a man named Stever from Uniontown?

4. Who does management finally agree to meet with after the rank-and-file workers are ignored?

5. As Part 4, Chapter 1 begins, what character is now known as Dobie?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who comes in from New York for George's funeral? What feelings does Dobie express about living and working in Braddock to Mikie? What does this once again say about Dobie's resolve?

2. Describe Mary's life and her children's after Mike's death.

3. How does Dobie's private life change during the Depression? What happens in his work life?

4. Why does George come to live with Mary? Is George's behavior towards Mary that of a loving father?

5. What is the extent of Dobie's involvement with the union activities at the end of Part 4, Chapter 11 ? Explain.

6. What brings about labor problems at the mill? What does Johnny do as a result of the unrest?

7. What does the company warn workers about concerning union recognition? Is Dobie swayed by the warnings? Explain how his feelings towards the company's warnings mirror his father's voting practices earlier in the book.

8. What happens to George at the end of Part 4, Chapter 10? Explain how this event's aftermath is so typical of George's behavior throughout the book.

9. What happens with Dobie and Julie's financial situation as a result of no strike and an improving economy?

10. At the beginning of Part 2, Chapter 11, what ongoing crisis is taking place in Mike and Mary's household? What do Mike and Mary not agree on as a resolution to their problem?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the metaphor between the book's title and the steel mill.

Essay Topic 2

What characteristics does George have which would be valuable in running a successful business? Which characteristics would be a detriment? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Mary Kracha is the second generation "immigrant". She marries Mike Dobrecak. Compare/contrast Mary's husband, Mike, and her father, George.

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