Objects & Places from Out of This Furnace

Thomas Bell (novelist)
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Hungary - This is George Kracha's homeland before he immigrates to America.

New York - This city is where George's boat docks upon reaching America.

White Haven, Pennsylvania - After arriving in America, George heads for this city where his sister lives.

Homestead, Pennsylvania - This city is the location of the steel mills and is where the Sedlers and Krachas move.

Braddock, Pennsylvania - This is a steel mill town where the Dubiks move to.

The Cinder Block - This is an area of Braddock where there is a fire which destroys all of the houses.

East Pittsburgh - This is the location of Joe Perovsky's rooming house and speakeasy.

Detroit - Dobie works in this city for the auto industry.

Pittsburgh - This is the city where Dobie travels to meet the investigators and lawyers from the Labor Board.

Washington D.C. - This is...

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