Out of This Furnace Character Descriptions

Thomas Bell (novelist)
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George Kracha

This character arrives broke in America at the age of twenty-one.

John Joseph Dobrejcak

This character is the third generation immigrant in the story.

Elena Kracha

This character is the wife of the story's first generation immigrant.

Mary Kracha

This character dies of consumption in a sanitarium.


This character immigrates to America and, eventually, reunites with a fellow immigrant in a Braddock butcher shop.

Joe Dubik

This character dies in a steel mill accident in 1895.

Mike Dobrejcak

This Hungarian character goes to school to learn to read and write English.

Mikie Dobrejcak

This character lives in the sanitarium as a child and grows up to live in New York.


This character is the president of the A.F.L.'s Amalgamated Association and is involved in union organization.

Alice Kracha

This character is born at Bear Creek camp.

Anna Kracha

This character is born...

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