Out of This Furnace Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Thomas Bell (novelist)
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Part 1, Chapters 1-5

• Leaving his wife behind, George Kracha immigrates to America from Hungary.
• George meets a young couple on the ship and spends all of his money on a birthday party for the woman, who is named Zuska.

• After arriving in America without any money, George must walk from New York to Pennsylvania.
• George sends for his wife, Elena.

• George and Elena become parents of three daughters.

• The family moves to Homestead so George can work in the steel mills.

Part 1, Chapters 6-10

• George and Elena take a room at his sister Francka's place.

• George's brother-in-law Andrej helps him get a job at the steel mill.

• George and Andrej visit Joe Dubik and renew their friendship.
• Dorta Dubik starts taking in boarders.

• There are labor problems at the mill.

• George moves his family to Braddock.
• As tensions between the mill and union mount, George and Elena hope...

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