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Teju Cole
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Julius ransack his parents house looking for, while his mother is gone, in the childhood he remembers?
(a) Coca-Cola.
(b) Liquor.
(c) Pornography.
(d) Money.

2. What is the wound that Julius says Farouq carries?
(a) Having been discriminated against.
(b) Having been forced out of his homeland.
(c) Having to fund his own way through school.
(d) Having his dissertation declined.

3. What did Pierre, the bootblack who shines Julius’ shoes, used to do before he became a boot black?
(a) Hairdresser.
(b) Policeman.
(c) Janitor.
(d) Butcher.

4. Where had Julius’ mother been born?
(a) Yorubaland.
(b) London.
(c) Lagos.
(d) Berlin.

5. Where is Open City set?
(a) New York city.
(b) Albany.
(c) Long Island.
(d) New York suburbs.

6. How does Julius say he and his mother responded to Julius’ father’s death?
(a) With stoic silence.
(b) With bland indifference.
(c) With wild grieving.
(d) With fierce bickering.

7. What is Julius’ status in the hospital?
(a) Director.
(b) Resident.
(c) Fellow.
(d) Student.

8. What is Julius’ stance on global warming?
(a) He is a strenuous denier.
(b) He is a believer.
(c) He is a skeptical believer.
(d) He is a doubter.

9. How does Julius characterize the work he does when he is redoing the lab work for the paper he has written?
(a) Meticulous.
(b) Careless.
(c) Shoddy.
(d) Exacting.

10. What is Dr. Maillotte reading on the flight with Julius?
(a) Hannah Arendt’s The Human Condition.
(b) Sartre’s The Nausea.
(c) Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking.
(d) Sontag’s essays.

11. What do Julius, Farouq and Farouq’s friend Khalil agree on, in terms of the portrayal of blacks in America and Muslims in Europe?
(a) That one or two men determine how the whole society sees them.
(b) That the people with power control the portrayal.
(c) That the people are responsible for how they are portrayed.
(d) That the portrayal is created in advance by the unconscious of the race.

12. What effect does Julius’ father’s death have on Julius’ studies?
(a) He starts to party too much.
(b) He has difficulty managing his family affairs and his studies simultaneously.
(c) He throws himself in and excels.
(d) He is distracted and almost fails out.

13. What is the second of Farouq’s two projects?
(a) To determine what it takes for different people to live together.
(b) To bring his family from home to Brussels.
(c) To invent a set of rituals for decolonization.
(d) To start a prayer and reading society.

14. How does Julius’ cabbie show his disapproval for Julius’ behavior after driving him home from the American Folk Art Museum?
(a) Leaves him at the wrong address.
(b) Refuses to pick him up.
(c) Overcharges him.
(d) Tells him not to pay.

15. What hospital does Julius work at?
(a) Columbia Presbyterian.
(b) Cabrini.
(c) NYU Medical Center.
(d) Mt. Sinai.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Julius say he was estranged from his mother?

2. What does Julius not end up having to tell the woman he has sex with in Brussels?

3. What does Julius think about doing in the boat basin behind the World Financial Center?

4. Where had Dr. Maillotte done her medical training?

5. What is Julius treating M. for?

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