Open City Fun Activities

Teju Cole
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Casting Open City

Who would you cast for a cinematic version of this book? What Hollywood actors would you cast?


If you were the sound designer for the movie version of this book, what songs would you use?

Short Story

Write a short story in which this book appears.

Bumper Stickers

Brainstorm bumper stickers that capture the meaning of the book in a few words.


What happens when Julius walks into a bar? Or tries to change a light bulb? Make jokes out of the characters and events described in Open City.

Staging a Scene

Stage a scene from Open City. Maybe ask different groups of students to perform the same scene, interpreting it differently.

The Key Words Game

Identify key sentences in Open City and revise them by changing key terms. How can you make Julius sound diabolical? Humorous? Devout? Silly?


Make cartoons that...

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