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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does King's uncle use from the toolbox?
(a) A hammer and some nails.
(b) A screwdriver and a hammer.
(c) Only a screwdriver.
(d) Several tools.

2. How does King feel about figures of speech?
(a) He says they should be avoided.
(b) He says a writer should avoid similes and metaphors that are cliché and make little sense.
(c) He thinks they should be used extensively.
(d) He thinks that writers should use other ways of transmitting their thoughts.

3. What kind of verbs does King recommend be used when writing?
(a) Verbs of vivid action.
(b) Verbs in the active voice, present tense.
(c) Verbs in the active voice.
(d) Verbs in the passive voice, past tense.

4. King claims he works on all of the following days except one. Which day does King not work?
(a) His birthday.
(b) Easter.
(c) Thanksgiving Day.
(d) New Year's Day.

5. In conclusion, what is the chapter, Toolbox, about?
(a) King's effort to present the mechanics of writing to his readers.
(b) King's feelings about the writing world.
(c) King's beliefs about how to become an excellent writer.
(d) King's analogy on the art of writing.

Short Answer Questions

1. King claims __________ is the second most important tool in a writer's toolbox.

2. What is King's most important injunction to writers?

3. When does King hold himself to the minimum number of words per day?

4. According to King, what characteristics should all characters possess?

5. What does King's uncle inherit?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the chapter, On Writing, King states every writer should have an agent. Why does he believe this to be important?

2. Both with vocabulary and 'above all else' King emphasizes honesty. Explain 'honesty' according to King and in your own words.

3. What are some of the most important aspects of grammar that an aspiring writer should observe according to King?

4. What evidence can you find about King's feelings on Strunk and White's Elements of Style?

5. In the chapter, On Writing, King states that writer's retreats and creative writing classes are unnecessary. Why did King consider these opportunities a waste of time?

6. What is the second most important tool according to King?

7. What inference can you make from King's claim in On Writing that a writer should have a specific space in which to work?

8. In the chapter, On Writing, King explains that description should be the smallest amount possible. How would you evaluate King's beliefs on writing description?

9. What evidence can you find to support King's claim that plot is less necessary than many would have the writer believe?

10. In the chapter, On Writing, King says characters should be multi-dimensional. What motive is there for trying to give all characters evil, as well as good, characteristics?

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