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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does King define vocabulary?
(a) An essential tool for good writing.
(b) Good words and knowledge of how to use them.
(c) A knowledge of words used by different people that you are going to write about.
(d) The sum of the words you know.

2. What does King's uncle take with him when he works?
(a) His entire toolbox.
(b) Only a couple of his favorite tools.
(c) Usually his screwdriver, a hammer, a few nails and screws.
(d) The specific tools needed for the job.

3. Why is it important to King that a writer not be distracted while working?
(a) He suggests that writers need solitude to clarify their thoughts.
(b) He feels that distractions cause a writer to lose the desire to work.
(c) He thinks writers achieve their best work in solitude.
(d) He believes that distractions make achieving a high number of words impossible.

4. If used correctly, King believes that dialogue could be what object for a writer?
(a) A clever device used by the writer when necessary.
(b) A strong tool in the writer's toolbox.
(c) A helpful tool like a monologue.
(d) The least important tool in the writer's toolbox.

5. What does King consider to be the best tool in making a writer?
(a) Practice writing.
(b) Taking writing courses in different genres.
(c) Reading.
(d) Going to writers' retreats.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to King, what is the best technique to use with description?

2. What is King's first piece of advice to those reading the chapter, On Writing?

3. Why does King emphasize the importance of reading?

4. According to King, what characteristics should all characters possess?

5. In the chapter, Toolbox, what advice does King give the reader?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the chapter, On Writing, King discusses symbolism and theme as elements best ignored in first drafts. What is the relationship between symbolism and theme in King's work?

2. In the chapter, On Writing, King explains that description should be the smallest amount possible. How would you evaluate King's beliefs on writing description?

3. What is King trying to tell the aspiring writer about finding his voice?

4. Both with vocabulary and 'above all else' King emphasizes honesty. Explain 'honesty' according to King and in your own words.

5. What inference can you make from King's claim in On Writing that a writer should have a specific space in which to work?

6. What evidence can you find to support King's claim that plot is less necessary than many would have the writer believe?

7. King also said 'to not write in fear'. What do you think he means by this statement? Explain in your own words.

8. In the chapter, On Writing, King states that a writer should 'write what he knows'. What ideas justify this statement?

9. King stated aspiring writers should not use speaker attributes other than said. What are speaker attributes and why would King warn against using them?

10. King believes in writers bringing their 'toolbox' with them when writing. Why is he so impassioned with the concept of a toolbox?

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