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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does King's uncle take with him when he works?
(a) The specific tools needed for the job.
(b) His entire toolbox.
(c) Only a couple of his favorite tools.
(d) Usually his screwdriver, a hammer, a few nails and screws.

2. King has been called a hack over the years. What is a hack?
(a) A writer of trivial matter.
(b) An excellent writer.
(c) A literary drudge.
(d) A writer with no talent.

3. However, King does believe _______ to be essential to a writer's vocabulary.
(a) Wisdom.
(b) Honesty.
(c) Beauty.
(d) Cleverness.

4. On certain occasions, King believes that grammar rules _________ .
(a) Should be discussed between characters.
(b) Can be ignored.
(c) Can be explained casually to the reader.
(d) May be played with.

5. According to King, what is the best technique to use with description?
(a) Describes scenes completely.
(b) Describe people completely, but scenes sparingly.
(c) Try to describe fully without omitting key details.
(d) Use as little as possible.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of verbs does King recommend be used when writing?

2. What does King's uncle use from the toolbox?

3. What does King consider to be a writer's practice?

4. How does King feel about figures of speech?

5. How does King use theme in his novels?

Short Essay Questions

1. How would some of King's other beliefs about writing increase a reader's pleasure? Explain in your own words.

2. In the chapter, On Writing, King states that a writer should 'write what he knows'. What ideas justify this statement?

3. Explain the significance of King's statement that a good writer can become an excellent writer, but a bad writer will always be a bad writer according to King in On Writing.

4. In the chapter, On Writing, King says some critics of his work claim that he is a hack. What is a hack and what evidence can you find to support the statement that King is a hack?

5. In the chapter, On Writing, King says characters should be multi-dimensional. What motive is there for trying to give all characters evil, as well as good, characteristics?

6. Why do you think King stresses the importance of writing a lot in On Writing?

7. In the chapter, On Writing, King states that writer's retreats and creative writing classes are unnecessary. Why did King consider these opportunities a waste of time?

8. King stated aspiring writers should not use speaker attributes other than said. What are speaker attributes and why would King warn against using them?

9. What inference can you make from King's claim in On Writing that a writer should have a specific space in which to work?

10. What is the second most important tool according to King?

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