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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does King paint the main character from The Dead Zone?
(a) He is evil but loving.
(b) As a nice, normal boy who is flawed.
(c) He is too perfect.
(d) He has his flaws and is thoroughly evil.

2. Why does King feel that plotting out a novel is not wise?
(a) He feels that the story creates the plot.
(b) He wants his characters to be free to act.
(c) He believes it would be dishonest to the characters.
(d) He likes for his story to develop, and then he tries to mold the plot when necessary.

3. What is a common characteristic of adverbs?
(a) Many adverbs end in -ly.
(b) Oftentimes adverbs end with -ier.
(c) Frequently adverbs end in -ness.
(d) Most adverbs end in -ed.

4. What does King's uncle use from the toolbox?
(a) Several tools.
(b) A hammer and some nails.
(c) Only a screwdriver.
(d) A screwdriver and a hammer.

5. King gives the example of John Grisham as a writer. What does he say about Grisham?
(a) Grisham is a lawyer who wrote about his profession, though the situations in his novels were not realistic.
(b) Grisham became an excellent writer after researching courtroom drama.
(c) Grisham ignores the adage write what you know.
(d) Grisham is a highly skilled writer who wrote about realistic legal situations.

Short Answer Questions

1. King also suggests limiting speaker attributes. What are speaker attributes?

2. Which genre does King feel Misery will belong to when he begins to write the story?

3. What action does King believe a writer should take with respect to grammar?

4. King claims __________ is the second most important tool in a writer's toolbox.

5. What does King say about adverbs?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the chapter, On Writing, King states every writer should have an agent. Why does he believe this to be important?

2. King also said 'to not write in fear'. What do you think he means by this statement? Explain in your own words.

3. What is King trying to tell the aspiring writer about finding his voice?

4. In the chapter, On Writing, King discusses symbolism and theme as elements best ignored in first drafts. What is the relationship between symbolism and theme in King's work?

5. What inference can you make from King's claim in On Writing that a writer should have a specific space in which to work?

6. In the chapter, On Writing, King states that writer's retreats and creative writing classes are unnecessary. Why did King consider these opportunities a waste of time?

7. What evidence can you find about King's feelings on Strunk and White's Elements of Style?

8. In the chapter, On Writing, King states that a writer should 'write what he knows'. What ideas justify this statement?

9. What evidence can you find to support King's claim that plot is less necessary than many would have the writer believe?

10. In the chapter, On Writing, King says characters should be multi-dimensional. What motive is there for trying to give all characters evil, as well as good, characteristics?

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