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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens with the electromagnet experiment?
(a) It is too big and blows out a neighborhood transformer.
(b) It shocks Stephen and Dave King, and sends them to the hospital.
(c) It darkens his entire apartment building.
(d) It burns up their house.

2. The change that King made in his writing life after his wife's intervention is seen by King as a symbol. What does this symbol represent?
(a) A change in his writing style.
(b) A change in the meaning of his writing.
(c) A change in the priorities of his life.
(d) A change to a deeper kind of symbolism in his writing.

3. What does King remember about his childhood with his brother Dave?
(a) How his brother hit him.
(b) Their pets.
(c) Many adventures.
(d) Always being in trouble.

4. How does King state he feels about writing for money?
(a) Writing is art, and as such, it may not pay.
(b) Everyone writes for money.
(c) One cannot write in anticipation of making money.
(d) Writing for money is unnecessary; it will come.

5. Whom does King meet while in college?
(a) His future wife.
(b) His future publisher.
(c) His future agent.
(d) His writing mentor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the third specific item King states his book on writing will NOT be?

2. What is one reason for reading the book, On Writing?

3. Where does King discover horror stories?

4. Does King believe the reader see the image in the same way as the author?

5. What animal appears in the image King describes in the second chapter?

Short Essay Questions

1. Can you explain how King created the character of Carrie and why he disliked her so?

2. One of King's babysitters was particularly cruel. How might she have affected his later writings?

3. What relationship is there between writing as a career and writing as a passion? Explain in your own words.

4. How did King begin his career as a writer?

5. King believed that writing is telepathy. What is telepathy in the context of this statement?

6. In what way is the chapter, What Writing Is, different from the usual book on writing?

7. King was a heavy drinker and addicted to cocaine. He believed that these two elements contributed to his creativity. In terms of the chapter, C.V., do you think his belief was justified? Why or why not?

8. After Tabitha King's intervention in her husband's addictions, King insisted on moving his desk. How was this symbolically important to him?

9. How would you summarize the different jobs King had during his early career? How might these jobs have influenced his work?

10. As a child, King had many chronic ear and throat infections. How might these illnesses lead King to writing?

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