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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to King, what are two reasons to write?
(a) Writing as a passion; writing as a career.
(b) Writing as a passion; writing as a way to gain fame.
(c) Writing for fame and glory; writing for a livelihood.
(d) Writing as a serious career; writing as a hobby.

2. What number appears in King's image?
(a) It is not specified.
(b) The number seven.
(c) The number 24/7.
(d) The number three.

3. How does his writing help King financially?
(a) King's writing was a steady, but small source of income.
(b) King's writing didn't really help financially.
(c) King's stories never made much, but every little bit helped.
(d) Often his stories would sell when they were in serious financial trouble.

4. Why does King miss his first year of school?
(a) Because his mother homeschools him.
(b) Because he moves too many times.
(c) Because of chronic ear and throat infections.
(d) Because of his father.

5. In the chapter, C.V., King touches on the theme of the book. What is this theme?
(a) Writing as life support.
(b) Writing as a career.
(c) Writing as magic.
(d) Writing for money.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one reason for reading the book, On Writing?

2. When King's principal hears about King's episode with the newspaper, what does he suggest?

3. When does King begin to submit stories to magazines?

4. To which substance is King first addicted as a young man?

5. What kind of writing book does King say that he will be not be writing?

Short Essay Questions

1. Based on the chapters, C.V., and What Writing Is, what ideas justify King's statement that writing is a serious job?

2. King believed that writing is telepathy. What is telepathy in the context of this statement?

3. What inferences can you make from King's statement that writing is magic? Explain in your own words.

4. How did King begin his career as a writer?

5. Can you explain how King created the character of Carrie and why he disliked her so?

6. In what way is the chapter, What Writing Is, different from the usual book on writing?

7. When King asks the writer to accept 'the magic of writing, but to take it seriously', what is he saying?

8. Why does King want his readers to put his book down if they are unable to accept that writing is magic?

9. What facts or ideas show the beginnings of King's career as a master of horror?

10. What are some of the aspects of writing that King is not going to emphasize in the chapter, What Writing Is?

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