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William Zinsser
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Zinsser teach people how to get published?
(a) He does not want any competition.
(b) Because he doesn't really know what editors want.
(c) Because he doesn't know how to get people published.
(d) He wants people to learn that themselves as part of a growing experience.

2. Writers should always look for ________________.
(a) The unique aspects of a place.
(b) Things that relate places to another.
(c) Making places more accessible to other people.
(d) People to tell them about a place so they don't have to actually go anywhere.

3. How are writers like painters?
(a) They both have the freedom of creativity with no rules that bind them.
(b) Writers and painters will destory their work if it is not to their expectations.
(c) Painters start with models and then learn to create in they own way. Writers use formulas then find their own voice.
(d) Writing isn't like painting at all. Neither has anything in common with the other.

4. What does Zinsser think about this misconception?
(a) He disagrees with it, but offers no reason why.
(b) He states anyone can write about anything if his approach is correct.
(c) He agrees with it and thinks scientists cannot write at all.
(d) He agrees with it and thinks writers can never understand complex scientific theories.

5. What happens when writers do not stick to proper grammar rules?
(a) It makes readers believe that all writing is bad, and they won't ever read again.
(b) It creates more bad writers.
(c) It distracts the readers and show conempt for the language.
(d) It makes readers mad.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do structured classes miss the point of teaching good writing?

2. What is the advantage of a writer writing his or her own memoir?

3. What is a second approach Zinsser recommends that complements the first approach mentioned?

4. Where did Zinsser learn how to write?

5. Why is it important for writers to practice?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why should exact details be avoided in memoirs? What approach should writers take instead?

2. Why do critics need to be well versed in the art they are writing about?

3. Why is corporate speak the norm in business writing?

4. What tense do business writer stend to use that hurts their writing?

5. Why do writers need to develop their own voice? How does writing compare to other art forms?

6. Who does Zinsser blame when it comes to focusing on the final prize instead of the work of an article?

7. What is a good way to learn how to write with humor? How much humor should be used?

8. How does Zinsser feel about writing when a writer doesn't want to? Why do writers have this luxury?

9. Why is bad to fall into cliches when travel writing?

10. What needs to be described in a travel article?

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