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William Zinsser
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Short pieces of nonfiction.


Zinsser has written and published many nonfiction works which involve all the principles of good writing and all of the research techniques, but at a much greater quantity than is required for articles.


Once known as word processors, they now significantly reduce the drudgery of writing with a typewriter.

Pad and Pencil

Zinsser prefers to take interview notes with these, not a tape recorder.


These are the fundamental bricks a writer uses to construct a story.


These should be active, short, and move with an overall flow.


These should not follow an arbitrary rule, but should have structural integrity built into them.


Most nonfiction writing involves one of these of one form or another.

The Work Area

Zinsser mentions this as a lonely place.

Interview Subject's Place

Contrasting the writer's lonely work area, this has direct impact...

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