Daily Lessons for Teaching On Writing Well

William Zinsser
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Lesson 1 (from Part I: Chapter 1 The Transaction)


The transaction in writing is about how much the writer gives of himself or herself in the writing. The goal of this lesson is to teach students the importance of finding their own voice in writing. Through various assignments, they will build on their voice and learn how to use it in their writing without overusing it. The voice is what makes people connect to the reading and make them want to read more.


1. Have students write down what type of writer they think they are. Are they gimmicky, tireless, a perfectionist, a slacker, etc.

2. What kind of voice do they think their writing has? Are they passive, humorous, aggressive, melodious, etc.?

3. How much of themselves do they put in their writing? Look over assignment number #1 above, and see if you can find your voice. Is it there, or is the piece full of empty...

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