On Writing Well Character Descriptions

William Zinsser
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William Zinsser

This person produces articles and nonfiction books, gives advice about all forms of writing, whether it be journalism, poetry, fiction, or business writing. This person has a strong sense of ethics when it comes to the writing the person produces, and aims for highly professional pieces. This person's writing style is very matter of fact, and every piece of writing omits unneccesary wording and phrasing. Less is more and stronger.

Other Good Authors

Zinsser admires these writers for varying reasons, but they all write well. They all bring their unique personalities into the writing and have highly developed skills with the language. Some of this is talent, but Zinsser emphasizes that writing is a learned skill, a craft like any other. Good writers get that way from constant practice, through an admiration of the English language, and by way of an obsession with perfection.

The Reader

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