On Writing Well Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

William Zinsser
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Part I: Chapter 1 The Transaction

• Writing involves how much to give of one's self in a piece, rather than the factual content of the work.

• If you are not in your writing, nobody will enjoy it.

• Humanity gives nonfiction books life.
• Gimmicks do not work.

• Clarity and solid use of principles are the only things that work.

Part I: Chapter 2 Simplicity

• American writing is not simple.

• Americans think in unclear ways.
• Some writers write without knowing what they are trying to say.

• People underestimate how hard it is to write well.

Part I: Chapter 3 Clutter

• Clutter and euphemisms spoil writing.

• Using brackets identifies clutter and helps people recognize it sooner.

• Journalists need to master uncluttered writing.
• Eliminating clutter helps keep the meaning of the writing clear and worth the reader's time.

Part I: Chapter 4 Style

• Style is brought from the unconscious mind. It is the development of one's...

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