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Short Answer Questions

1. Once Orien is well, what happens to him at night?

2. What does Damall suggest as a deal to Birle in Chapter 20?

3. What does Birle warn Orien about when she is finally able to talk with him?

4. Who is the first person of Birle's family to spot her after her return home?

5. What saves Birle from Corbel's fate?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the Lord's sentences seem on Hearing Day?

2. What does Birle decide at the end of Chapter 19?

3. What is Birle grateful for having known?

4. Why does Birle reveal to Joaquim that she can read?

5. Describe Damall's character and who he is.

6. Describe Nan and Birle's meeting.

7. How does Corbel see Birle differently now in Chapter 16?

8. What does Joaquim say to convince Corbel to let Birle continue staying with him, and why does he do it?

9. Describe Birle's work as a slave for Joaquim and what drives her to work so hard.

10. What changes once Orien is back in the Kingdom?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The entire novel is told from Birle's point of view. Authors use a certain point of view to achieve a certain mood for the story. What do you think Voigt is trying to achieve in allowing us only Birle's thoughts and views? Why not see Orien's? How might the story have been different if we were to glimpse at what Orien thought. Would our thinking of the events of the book possibly change?

Essay Topic 2

Many times people take something that has been given to them or something that they have learned for granted. Often times these gifts are taken for granted because people cannot see their true worth. Sometimes one might understand the true value of a gift and sometimes, never. For Birle, the two "treasures" she ultimately finds very useful to have is the ability to read and write. How did she initially feel about being given this treasure by her grandparents and why did she feel this way? Along her journey, how did her views of being able to read and write change? In what instances was it helpful? How does she regard her treasures by the end? Be specific using examples.

Essay Topic 3

Both Birle and Orien are runaways, but both have different reasons for running away. What are Birle's reasons? What are Orien's reasons? Are their reasons valid for running away? Take a look at all that has happened to them because they chose to run away. Could it all have been avoided if they remained where they were? If they had not run away, what might have become of them?

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