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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Da's reason for protesting against Birle's engagement to Muir?
(a) Muir is too low-born for Birle.
(b) Birle and Muir's social statuses do not match.
(c) Birle is too young.
(d) Muir is too young.

2. What aspect of human nature is exemplified by Birle in this first chapter?
(a) Cowardice.
(b) Independence.
(c) Brute strength.
(d) Forgiveness.

3. How do the people of the village bathe in the winter, according to Birle?
(a) By sitting in metal tins.
(b) By standing in wine barrels.
(c) By standing in wooden crates.
(d) By sitting in tubs.

4. When Birle awakens from sleeping on the boat in Chapter 6, what is she met with?
(a) The disappearance of the Lord.
(b) Fog.
(c) Being kidnapped.
(d) Rain.

5. What item has Orien lost, which was proof of his true identity?
(a) The map with his father's name.
(b) The signet ring.
(c) The royal seal.
(d) The family crest of arms.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the law for second marriages for commoners?

2. The man's speech makes Birle think that the thief is possibly a what?

3. What does Birle end up doing as she and the Lord are hiding under their cloaks on the boat?

4. What is the name of the Inn?

5. What story does Birle tell the Lord?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly describe the discussion about Doubt that the Lord and Birle have.

2. Why does Birle keep trying to prolong the time she spends with the Lord, and how does she do this in the beginning of Chapter 5?

3. What do Ker and Torson say when Orien tells them of his heritage, and where he and Birle are from?

4. In what ways does Birle demonstrate her independence and usefulness to the reader and Orien in Chapter 3?

5. In the beginning of Chapter 2, the mysterious man is asleep while Birle lies awake, yet she is unafraid. What makes her not fear this man?

6. What do the Lord and Birle discuss about second marriages and second wives?

7. Why did Birle used to shirk from her inn duties?

8. Describe the encounter between the dog, the Lord, and Birle. What about Birle's character is expressed through her actions?

9. Up until Chapter 6, Birle has more or less played the man's role in catching fish, rowing the boat, and even saving the Lord by slitting a dog's throat. But in this chapter, how does the Lord finally portray traits that are deemed "manly" by society?

10. Where should Birle be in the beginning of Chapter 1 instead of where she is, and why is she not there?

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