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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About whom do Birle and Orien tell stories, all with different plots?
(a) The King.
(b) King Midas.
(c) Jackaroo.
(d) The Earl.

2. What is Birle forced to do to protect the Lord?
(a) Slit the dog's throat.
(b) Throw her knife at the man chasing them.
(c) Nothing, she keeps running.
(d) Cut off the Lord's hand that is attached to the dog.

3. Where do Birle and the Lord run to after they have been chased by a dog?
(a) Back to the boat.
(b) Deeper into the forest.
(c) Towards the village.
(d) They jump in the water.

4. What alerts the mysterious figure to Birle's presence?
(a) She falls into the river making a splash.
(b) She calls out to the figure.
(c) She trips and lets out a yelp.
(d) She steps on wooden planks which make noise.

5. What is the only name by which Birle says she knows of her mother's father?
(a) Jacko.
(b) Jackaroo.
(c) Jack.
(d) Jacksonroo.

6. What mistake does Birle make when the Lord pulls out his map?
(a) She steps on the map as he is laying it on the ground.
(b) She almost lets him know that she can read.
(c) She agrees to let him keep the boat.
(d) She accidentally burns a corner of the map while making a fire.

7. What does the dog do to the Lord?
(a) Sniffs him then walks away.
(b) Attacks him.
(c) Bites his throat.
(d) Tries to play with him.

8. When the Lord begins talking about unjust Lords, what does Birle begin to suspect?
(a) That the Lord might have committed treason against another.
(b) That the Lord might be the Earl himself.
(c) That the Lord might be the Earl's son.
(d) That the Lord might not really be a Lord but a Lord's servant.

9. What does Birle conclude that the mysterious figure is after he spots her?
(a) A huntsman.
(b) A runaway servant.
(c) A thief.
(d) A robber.

10. What does the Lord call Birle every so often?
(a) Falcon's Child.
(b) Little One.
(c) Innkeeper's Daughter.
(d) Inndaughter.

11. What does Birle carry for the Lord as they begin their journey?
(a) The fishing spear.
(b) Nothing.
(c) A heavy sack.
(d) A walking stick.

12. What does Birle suggest so that she does not have to part from the Lord?
(a) She says she will travel with him as his sister.
(b) She says she will travel with him as his wife.
(c) She says she will travel with him as a servant.
(d) She says she will travel with him as his brother.

13. What is Joaquim's occupation?
(a) Farmer.
(b) Lord.
(c) Fisherman.
(d) Philosopher.

14. Who tries to buy Birle first?
(a) The middling man.
(b) The older man.
(c) The mines.
(d) Two craftsmen.

15. Who else does the older man buy?
(a) The boy.
(b) Orien.
(c) Yul.
(d) Corbel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Birle, "There might be people living up there, in the stars, think you"?

2. What do Birle and the Lord do to keep themselves distracted while stranded on the rock?

3. What does the Lord confess to Birle once they are safe from the dog and men?

4. Who does Orien wave his arms towards from his location on the rock?

5. Why does the thief decide to keep Birle on board the boat and listen to her?

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