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The Falcon's Wing Inn - The Earl gave Birle's grandparents this place before her mother's birth.

The Kingdom - Orien and Birle both live here at the beginning of the story, where the King rules over two Earls.

The Port City - On their journey south, Orien and Birle are careful to avoid this area, a notorious den of thieves.

The Inn's Boat - Birle's adventure starts when she sees a mysterious man stealing this object and rushes to stop him, instead of calling her brothers.

The Rock - Birle and Orien are shipwrecked here, which is surrounded by high cliffs.

The Pirate's Slave Ship - This is what rescues Birle and Orien from being deserted.

The Philosopher's Cottage - Joaquim lives in this building in the city that belongs to his younger brother, the mercenary Corbel.

Orien's Signet Ring - This is Orien's only proof that...

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