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Chapter 1

• Birle pursues a mysterious figure who is stealing a boat from her village.
• Birle and the mysterious figure have an encounter in which he insists he is not a thief but she is convinced he is.

• Birle manages to convince the man to take her advice and tie the boat near shore until daylight.

Chapter 2

• Birle thinks about her family history and we learn that her grandparents adopted Birle's mother who died when she was young.

• Birle's grandparents taught her how to read and write, something commoners did not know how to do.
• Birle begins to realize that her marriage to Muir will not be the ideal life she has been dreaming of.

• When the strange man wakes up, Birle feels her heart stir upon seeing him in the light.

Chapter 3

• Birle demonstrates that she is far more practical than the Lord by catching fish and starting...

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