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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the first suitor fails to string the bow, what does he recommend?
(a) Each man who fails should try for another woman.
(b) They should postpone the contest.
(c) They should pray to Apollo.
(d) They should warm up the bow by the fire.

2. At his first feast in his own house, who throws a stool at Odysseus the beggar?
(a) Antinous.
(b) Eurymachus.
(c) Medon.
(d) Melanthius.

3. What time of day do Odysseus and the Phaecians set sail in Book 13?
(a) Noon.
(b) Dawn.
(c) It doesn't say.
(d) Dusk.

4. Once Odysseus realizes he's in Ithaca, what does Athene advise him to do?
(a) Disguise himself and see the suitors.
(b) Send a secret message to Penelope.
(c) Hide his goods in a corner of the nearby cave.
(d) Reveal himself to his loyal swineherd.

5. As Odysseus tells Eumaeus his story in Book 14, how does he say he earns a living and makes a name for himself?
(a) As a scholar.
(b) As a priest.
(c) As a pirate.
(d) As a soldier.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Telemachus first slay among the suitors during the battle in the hall?

2. What does Eupeithes seek at the assembly after the lords learn of the slaughter of the suitors?

3. What caused Telemachus to disband the feast after the fight of Irus and Odysseus the beggar?

4. Where is Telemachus supposed to put all the fighting gear that lies about Odysseus' hall?

5. Which suitor scorns Odysseus the beggar at the second feast which he attends, in Book 20?

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