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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who interprets the sign of the eagle and the goose as Telemachus and Peisistratus are leaving Lacedaemon?
(a) Helen.
(b) Peisistratus.
(c) Menelaus.
(d) Telemachus.

2. Why does Odysseus the beggar say he wants the bow after the suitors have all tried to use it?
(a) He wants to prove himself worthy of their mercy.
(b) He wants to try for the lady.
(c) He wants to see how much strength he has left.
(d) He wants the suitors to warm it up for him.

3. How does Penelope test the truth of Odysseus the beggar's story regarding Odysseus?
(a) She asked the beggar at which games Odysseus excelled.
(b) She asks him the month and year he visited with Odysseus.
(c) She asks him to describe Odysseus' clothing, his person, and his companions.
(d) She asked what Odysseus' ship looked like.

4. Why are there so few boars among Odysseus' swine in Book 14?
(a) The suitors use them for hunting games.
(b) You only need a few to maintain the numbers.
(c) They keep running off.
(d) The suitors feast upon them.

5. How does Eurycleia recognize Odysseus the beggar as Odysseus in Book 19?
(a) She notices his birthmark.
(b) She recognizes his style of speech.
(c) She feels his scar when when she washes his feet.
(d) She recognizes his voice.

Short Answer Questions

1. What time of day do Odysseus and the Phaecians set sail in Book 13?

2. Which suitor has a "bad feeling" after Odysseus the beggar tries to warn him of impending danger in Book 18?

3. Once Odysseus realizes he's in Ithaca, what does Athene advise him to do?

4. In Book 19, what does Odysseus the beggar tell Penelope has kept Odysseus away so long?

5. Since Telemachus dismissed the serving women, how is he able to move the armor in the dark in Book 19?

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