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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Among the suitors, who tried to use the bow first?
(a) Leiodes.
(b) Antinous.
(c) Eurymachus.
(d) Peisander.

2. How does Eurycleia recognize Odysseus the beggar as Odysseus in Book 19?
(a) She notices his birthmark.
(b) She recognizes his style of speech.
(c) She feels his scar when when she washes his feet.
(d) She recognizes his voice.

3. What gift does Menelaus give to Telemachus as they part company in Book 15?
(a) A well-wrought bowl made by Hephaestus.
(b) A tapestry woven by Athena.
(c) A cauldron used by the oracles.
(d) A pair of mules.

4. Since Telemachus dismissed the serving women, how is he able to move the armor in the dark in Book 19?
(a) Eurycleia helps them out.
(b) Odysseus the beggar carries a torch.
(c) They light torches along the hallway.
(d) Athene holds a golden lamp in front of them.

5. What makes Irus nervous about his fight with Odysseus the beggar?
(a) Irus sees his muscular chest.
(b) The suitors have threatened to drag him out by his feet if he loses.
(c) The old man has muscular thighs.
(d) Athene sends a cold wind to give him a chill.

Short Answer Questions

1. What test does Odysseus give his son in Book 16?

2. What does Odysseus do during the voyage home in Book 13?

3. How does the shepherd from the mainland treat Odysseus the beggar when he first meets him at the palace courtyard?

4. What gift does Helen give to Telemachus as he is preparing to leave Lacedaemon?

5. As Odysseus tells Eumaeus his story in Book 14, how does he say he earns a living and makes a name for himself?

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