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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Irus nervous about his fight with Odysseus the beggar?
(a) Irus sees his muscular chest.
(b) The old man has muscular thighs.
(c) The suitors have threatened to drag him out by his feet if he loses.
(d) Athene sends a cold wind to give him a chill.

2. Where did Menelaus get the gift he gave to Telemachus?
(a) From his wife as a wedding present.
(b) From Troy as a spoil of war.
(c) From a king who sheltered him.
(d) From an immortal when he was close to death.

3. According to Book 13, what else does Alcinous decide to give Odysseus once his tale is over?
(a) Some cattle.
(b) More gold.
(c) A cauldron and a large tripod.
(d) More garments.

4. What sign does Odysseus give to his father so he believes that Odysseus has returned?
(a) He tells him about his mother in the underworld.
(b) He tells him about the bed in the palace.
(c) He tells him the number and type of trees growing in the vineyard.
(d) He tells him about his scar.

5. Who is the first in the hall to notice Odysseus the beggar?
(a) Melanthius.
(b) Antinous.
(c) Telemachus.
(d) Eumaeus.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Telemachus react to his mother's contest in Book 21?

2. Once Odysseus realizes he's in Ithaca, what does Athene advise him to do?

3. How does Eumaeus greet Telemachus upon his return in Book 16?

4. How does the shepherd from the mainland treat Odysseus the beggar when he first meets him at the palace courtyard?

5. Why does Odysseus the beggar say he wants the bow after the suitors have all tried to use it?

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