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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sign does Odysseus give to his father so he believes that Odysseus has returned?
(a) He tells him about his scar.
(b) He tells him about the bed in the palace.
(c) He tells him the number and type of trees growing in the vineyard.
(d) He tells him about his mother in the underworld.

2. Why doesn't Eumaeus want the old man to tell him tales of his master?
(a) He's been told not to speak Odysseus' name.
(b) Many travelers will tell tales for food and clothing.
(c) He's convinced Odysseus is dead.
(d) It doesn't look like he has the means to travel.

3. Why does Odysseus the beggar say he wants the bow after the suitors have all tried to use it?
(a) He wants to try for the lady.
(b) He wants to prove himself worthy of their mercy.
(c) He wants to see how much strength he has left.
(d) He wants the suitors to warm it up for him.

4. According to Penelope, when did Odysseus say it was acceptable for her to remarry?
(a) When Telemachus is a bearded man.
(b) After Telemachus gets married.
(c) When 21 years have passed.
(d) When Laertes dies.

5. What gift does Helen give to Telemachus as he is preparing to leave Lacedaemon?
(a) The text never describes her gift.
(b) A jewel that sparkled like a star.
(c) A beautiful embroidered robe for his future bride.
(d) Goblets of silver to use at his wedding feast.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sets up the axes for the trial of the bow?

2. For what does Penelope pray after speaking with Odysseus the beggar in Book 20?

3. After the first suitor fails to string the bow, what does he recommend?

4. At his first feast in his own house, who throws a stool at Odysseus the beggar?

5. Who gives Odysseus the bow that Penelope is using in her contest for the suitors?

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