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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name Odysseus the beggar gives as his own in Book 19?
(a) Iphitus.
(b) Deucalion.
(c) Idomeneus.
(d) Aethon.

2. For what does Penelope pray after speaking with Odysseus the beggar in Book 20?
(a) She prays for the suitors to die.
(b) She prays for a good husband.
(c) She wishes to die.
(d) She prays for Odysseus to return.

3. How does Penelope test the truth of Odysseus the beggar's story regarding Odysseus?
(a) She asks him to describe Odysseus' clothing, his person, and his companions.
(b) She asked what Odysseus' ship looked like.
(c) She asks him the month and year he visited with Odysseus.
(d) She asked the beggar at which games Odysseus excelled.

4. Who sets up the axes for the trial of the bow?
(a) Eurymachus.
(b) Antinous.
(c) Telemachus.
(d) Odysseus.

5. Who is the first in the hall to notice Odysseus the beggar?
(a) Antinous.
(b) Melanthius.
(c) Telemachus.
(d) Eumaeus.

6. According to Book 13, what else does Alcinous decide to give Odysseus once his tale is over?
(a) More garments.
(b) More gold.
(c) A cauldron and a large tripod.
(d) Some cattle.

7. As Odysseus tells Eumaeus his story in Book 14, how does he say he earns a living and makes a name for himself?
(a) As a priest.
(b) As a pirate.
(c) As a scholar.
(d) As a soldier.

8. In Book 24, who tells the assembly that an immortal aided Odysseus?
(a) Medon.
(b) Theoclymenus.
(c) Mentor.
(d) Halitherses.

9. In addition to Odysseus and Penelope, who knew the secret of the bed?
(a) Telemachus.
(b) Laertes.
(c) Eurycleia.
(d) Actoris.

10. What does Theoclymenus tell Penelope about the omen of the birds?
(a) He says that Odysseus is already there, biding his time.
(b) He says that Odysseus will be home soon.
(c) He says that Odysseus won't make it home.
(d) He says that Odysseus is in the hall now, amongst the suitors.

11. Who lets the first spear fly when the mourners come to attack in Book 24?
(a) Eupeithes.
(b) Telemachus.
(c) Odysseus.
(d) Laertes.

12. Why does Odysseus find sleep difficult in his home in Book 20?
(a) He wishes to be in his marriage bed.
(b) He picked an uncomfortable spot to keep up his rouse.
(c) With the old body that Athene has given, he has many aches and pains.
(d) He's wondering how he is going to slay the suitors alone.

13. How does Penelope initially react to Eurycleia's news about Odysseus and the suitors?
(a) She doesn't believe her.
(b) She hits her.
(c) She cries for shame.
(d) She runs out to see.

14. In Book 22, which suitor is killed first?
(a) Eurymachus.
(b) Amphinomous.
(c) Antinous.
(d) Peisander.

15. Which suitor scorns Odysseus the beggar at the second feast which he attends, in Book 20?
(a) Antinous.
(b) Amphinimous.
(c) Ctesippus.
(d) Eurymachus.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the suitors view the fight between the two beggars in Book 18?

2. What time of day do Odysseus and the Phaecians set sail in Book 13?

3. Once Odysseus realizes he's in Ithaca, what does Athene advise him to do?

4. Who betrayed Penelope's loom of deceit?

5. Which reveler refuses to give anything to Odysseus the beggar, who has come to witness his first feast?

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