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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Eurylochus convince Odysseus to land on Thrinacia?
(a) His men are tired and hungry. They need a break from the sea.
(b) Odysseus is out of touch with his crew.
(c) Odysseus is reckless and has lost a lot of crew. They don't trust what he says.
(d) They might not see land for days.

2. How does Penelope keep from marrying one of the suitors?
(a) She uses sickness and excuses.
(b) She employs piety and sacrifice.
(c) She practices prophecy and witchcraft.
(d) She uses cunning and craft.

3. In Book 7, why does Athena cloak Odysseus in clouds on his walk to the palace?
(a) She doesn't want her uncle, Poseidon, to see that Odysseus has landed safely.
(b) She doesn't want Odysseus to get distracted.
(c) Phaecians don't like strangers.
(d) Phaecians are so friendly that he might be offered hospitality before he reaches Alcinous' palace.

4. Who helps Telemachus procure a ship and crew to begin his quest?
(a) Mentor.
(b) Athene.
(c) Halitherses.
(d) Laertes.

5. In what state do the Nausicaa's women, who are playing a game while waiting for the clothes to dry, find the sheltering Odysseus?
(a) He is wearing Ino's veil.
(b) He is completely naked.
(c) He is wearing the clothes that Calypso gave him, but they're a little ragged.
(d) He is covered in the sail from his raft.

6. Who interrupts Phemius' sad song of the Achaeans in Book 1?
(a) Penelope.
(b) Antinous.
(c) Telemachus.
(d) Mentes.

7. Who first notices Odysseus' clothes in Alcinous' house?
(a) Nausicaa.
(b) Arete.
(c) Laodamas.
(d) Alcinous.

8. Calypso gives Odysseus many things to help him on his way including supplies for making his ship, provisions for his journey, and a(n) _____________.
(a) Gentle breeze.
(b) Oarsmen.
(c) Enchanted sail.
(d) Rudder.

9. Where is Telemachus going during this journey?
(a) Sparta and Taphos.
(b) Ephyra and Crete.
(c) Sparta and Pylos.
(d) Pylos and Ephryra.

10. Who led the group which wanted to leave Troy immediately after the war?
(a) Odysseus.
(b) Nestor.
(c) Menelaus.
(d) Ajax.

11. Who went disguised as a page in Book 8 throughout the town, encouraging people to hear about the stranger?
(a) Odysseus.
(b) Pontonous.
(c) Alcinous.
(d) Athene.

12. What announcement does Telemachus make to the suitors of his hall in Book 1?
(a) He's going to go on a trip.
(b) His father is alive.
(c) He's going to call a meeting of the assembly and formally ask the suitors to leave.
(d) He's been visited by the goddess Athena, and they should change their ways.

13. What sign is witnessed by the entire assembly when Telemachus calls upon Zeus for justice in Book 2?
(a) Two eagles fly overhead.
(b) Flames burst out in the center of the meeting.
(c) A woman screams and wails.
(d) Lightning strikes a tree.

14. Who killed Aegisthus for the murder of Agamemnon?
(a) Nestor.
(b) Orestes.
(c) Atreus.
(d) Menelaus.

15. In Book 11, who is first to visit Odysseus from the dead?
(a) Persephone.
(b) Anticleia.
(c) Elpenor.
(d) Teiresias.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Odysseus have to go to Hades in Book 10?

2. By what type of people did the Phaecians once live?

3. How did Odysseus appear after his bath in Book 6?

4. During this assembly, who does Antinous blame for Telemachus' problem?

5. What is Nausicaa's greatest concern for the trip back to her father's house from the river?

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