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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When captured by Menelaus, who had been stuck for 20 days, what did this being reveal to him to get his freedom?
(a) Menelaus is told how to get home and acquire more treasure.
(b) Menelaus is told how to get vengeance for his brother.
(c) Menelaus is told how to get Helen back.
(d) Menelaus is told how to get home, as well as the fate of three of his friends.

2. In addition to Odysseus and Penelope, who knew the secret of the bed?
(a) Laertes.
(b) Eurycleia.
(c) Actoris.
(d) Telemachus.

3. How did Odysseus anger the god(dess) who seeks to punish him in Book 1?
(a) He failed to make a proper sacrifice.
(b) He slaughtered some horses.
(c) He poked a cyclops' eye out.
(d) He killed his own crew.

4. Why were Menelaus and his ships stuck for 20 days?
(a) He was disoriented.
(b) No winds stirred.
(c) He failed to make a proper sacrifice.
(d) He wanted to acquire more treasure.

5. Where is Telemachus going during this journey?
(a) Ephyra and Crete.
(b) Sparta and Taphos.
(c) Sparta and Pylos.
(d) Pylos and Ephryra.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom does Odysseus pray the next morning after speaking with Penelope alone, looking for a sign?

2. In Book 11, who is first to visit Odysseus from the dead?

3. Who is the first in the hall to notice Odysseus the beggar?

4. Why does Odysseus the beggar say he wants the bow after the suitors have all tried to use it?

5. What is Nestor doing when Telemachus arrives in Pylos?

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