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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which god(dess) visits Telemachus at the beginning of the poem?
(a) Hermes.
(b) Athene.
(c) Kronos.
(d) Zeus.

2. Where does Telemachus stay when Nestor's feast is over?
(a) With his men aboard the ship.
(b) Beneath the portico at Nestor's house.
(c) In Nestor's garden.
(d) In the woods near Nestor's house.

3. How did Odysseus appear after his bath in Book 6?
(a) Athena made him look taller and stouter.
(b) Athena made him look natural.
(c) Athena made him look younger.
(d) Athena made him look like a hero.

4. Where is Telemachus going during this journey?
(a) Sparta and Taphos.
(b) Sparta and Pylos.
(c) Pylos and Ephryra.
(d) Ephyra and Crete.

5. How does the shepherd from the mainland treat Odysseus the beggar when he first meets him at the palace courtyard?
(a) He ignores him completely.
(b) He treats the beggar rudely.
(c) He greets him.
(d) He shows the beggar honor and respect.

Short Answer Questions

1. Helen and Menelaus tell tales of Odysseus' exploits in Troy. What story does Menelaus tell?

2. In Book 1, who seeks to punish Odysseus interminably?

3. What does Nestor tell Telemachus about his relationship with Odysseus?

4. How is Odysseus, the old stranger, received by the swineherd in Book 14?

5. In addition to offering advice, what else does Mentes from Taphos give to Telemachus?

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