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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ino give Odysseus to save his life when he loses his raft to Poseidon?
(a) A veil.
(b) A magic sail.
(c) A ride on dolphins.
(d) A raft.

2. How does Eurylochus react when Odysseus tells his crew to follow him to Circe's house?
(a) He tells the others it was Odysseus' fault that the others have perished, and that Odysseus is reckless.
(b) He tells the others that Circe will be kind if Odysseus is there.
(c) He tells the others to trust Odysseus.
(d) He tells the others it's a trap.

3. Why was Menelaus late returning from Troy?
(a) They endured rough seas and wind.
(b) All of the answers are correct.
(c) His pilot died.
(d) They were pirating.

4. In Book 7, why does Athena cloak Odysseus in clouds on his walk to the palace?
(a) She doesn't want Odysseus to get distracted.
(b) Phaecians don't like strangers.
(c) Phaecians are so friendly that he might be offered hospitality before he reaches Alcinous' palace.
(d) She doesn't want her uncle, Poseidon, to see that Odysseus has landed safely.

5. In what state do the Nausicaa's women, who are playing a game while waiting for the clothes to dry, find the sheltering Odysseus?
(a) He is covered in the sail from his raft.
(b) He is wearing the clothes that Calypso gave him, but they're a little ragged.
(c) He is wearing Ino's veil.
(d) He is completely naked.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which god(dess) visits Telemachus at the beginning of the poem?

2. What color yarn does Nausicaa's mother spin?

3. How does the Cyclops in Book 9 show hospitality?

4. In order to tell Telemachus of Odysseus' fate, where does Menelaus' tale begin?

5. Where is Poseidon coming from when he sees Odysseus on his raft in Book 5?

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