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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who reads the sign given while Telemachus calls upon Zeus in Book 2?
(a) Halitherses.
(b) Aegyptius.
(c) Mentor.
(d) Eurymachus.

2. In what state do the Nausicaa's women, who are playing a game while waiting for the clothes to dry, find the sheltering Odysseus?
(a) He is covered in the sail from his raft.
(b) He is wearing the clothes that Calypso gave him, but they're a little ragged.
(c) He is completely naked.
(d) He is wearing Ino's veil.

3. When captured by Menelaus, who had been stuck for 20 days, what did this being reveal to him to get his freedom?
(a) Menelaus is told how to get home, as well as the fate of three of his friends.
(b) Menelaus is told how to get home and acquire more treasure.
(c) Menelaus is told how to get Helen back.
(d) Menelaus is told how to get vengeance for his brother.

4. According to Nausicaa, to whom should Odysseus first appeal when he gets to the court in Book 6?
(a) Nausicaa's mother.
(b) Nausicaa's oldest brother.
(c) Nausicaa's father.
(d) One of the servants.

5. Where does Telemachus stay when Nestor's feast is over?
(a) In the woods near Nestor's house.
(b) Beneath the portico at Nestor's house.
(c) In Nestor's garden.
(d) With his men aboard the ship.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Book 1, who seeks to punish Odysseus interminably?

2. Once Ino gives Odysseus help to survive Poseidon assault on the open sea, how many more days does Odysseus drift until he sees land?

3. How long have the suitors been coming to Odysseus' home?

4. In Book 4, Helen and Menelaus tell tales of Odysseus' exploits in Troy. What story does Helen tell?

5. While Telemachus is in Lycaedaemon, what plan do the suitors devise to punish Telemachus for leaving?

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