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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Telemachus going during this journey?
(a) Pylos and Ephryra.
(b) Sparta and Taphos.
(c) Ephyra and Crete.
(d) Sparta and Pylos.

2. After his battle with Poseidon in Book 5, where does Odysseus find shelter in the land on which he has just arrived?
(a) He goes into the woods and finds a couple of shrubs to provide shelter and comfort.
(b) He decides to go into the hills to find a cave.
(c) A man approaches and shows him a place used by hunters.
(d) He creates a makeshift shelter with nearby debris.

3. In Book 6, what instructions does Nausicaa give her maids regarding Odysseus?
(a) They are to keep away from this stranger.
(b) They are to give him food and drink and bathe him.
(c) They are to wash his clothes too.
(d) They are to run to get the men for protection.

4. Helen and Menelaus tell tales of Odysseus' exploits in Troy. What story does Menelaus tell?
(a) Menelaus gives Odysseus credit forbuilding the horse so they wouldn't be detected.
(b) Menelaus gives Odysseus credit for gaining access and intelligence of Troy in the first place.
(c) Menelaus gives Odysseus credit for keeping the men still and quiet inside the horse.
(d) Menelaus gives Odysseus credit for contriving of the horse

5. Which word best describes Odysseus' initial reaction when Calypso offers to help him in Book 5?
(a) Angered.
(b) Bewildered.
(c) Skeptical.
(d) Excited.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color yarn does Nausicaa's mother spin?

2. How long have the suitors been coming to Odysseus' home?

3. What is Nausicaa's greatest concern for the trip back to her father's house from the river?

4. Penelope learns about the suitors' plan for Telemachus from a page, but what does she learn from her sister's phantom?

5. Where did Nestor last see Odysseus?

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