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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Telemachus going during this journey?
(a) Pylos and Ephryra.
(b) Sparta and Pylos.
(c) Ephyra and Crete.
(d) Sparta and Taphos.

2. What does Nestor tell Telemachus about his relationship with Odysseus?
(a) They never differed at council during the war.
(b) They never spoke those nine years at war.
(c) They never agreed at council during the war.
(d) They never fought side by side during the war.

3. While Telemachus is in Lycaedaemon, what plan do the suitors devise to punish Telemachus for leaving?
(a) To kill him on the open sea.
(b) To discredit him in Ithaca.
(c) To steal all his goods.
(d) To take Penelope away.

4. What does Mentes tell Telemachus in Book 1 that he must do?
(a) All answers are correct.
(b) Go on a quest.
(c) Thrust the suitors from the house.
(d) Make Penelope decide about marriage.

5. How long have the suitors been coming to Odysseus' home?
(a) More than three years.
(b) Four years.
(c) A couple of years.
(d) Six years.

Short Answer Questions

1. Penelope learns about the suitors' plan for Telemachus from a page, but what does she learn from her sister's phantom?

2. What does Menelaus first reveal regarding Odysseus when Telemachus tells Menelaus who he is and the purpose of his visit?

3. Who reads the sign given while Telemachus calls upon Zeus in Book 2?

4. Who tells Telemachus that it's time for him to behave like a man, not a child?

5. During this assembly, who does Antinous blame for Telemachus' problem?

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