Objects & Places from The Odyssey

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Object Descriptions

Suitors - These make up a group devouring the wealth of a king.

Mt. Olympus (Mt. Olympos) - This is the mythical home of the gods.

Ithaca (Ithaka) - This is Odysseus' home island, over which he rules as king.

Unwoven loom - This device was used to deceive the suitors.

Pylos - This is the city over which Nestor rules.

Sparta (Laikedaimon) - This is the city over which Menelaus rules.

Crete (Krete) - This is the island Odysseus claims he is from when he lies to his family and the swineherd.

Skheria - This is the Island of the Phaeacians, where Odysseus tells his long story and secures passage back to Ithaca after so many years.

Lamnos - This is a Nightless island where some of Odysseus' men are eaten by giants.

Cattle of the sun - A disobedient crew breaks an oath for these...

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