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Objective: Book 1 The objective of Daily Lesson #1 is for students to establish pertinent background on Greek mythology by looking at the pantheon and religious belief.

1. Without names, provide students with a handout, which lists each of the twelve major gods and goddesses by their divine areas.
a) Student activity: Journal entry: Based on the qualities each god and goddess possesses, which do you infer to be the supreme god (dess)? In your journal, explain why you think your selection rules the other gods and goddesses.
b) After ten minutes of sustained writing, begin class discussion, sharing what students think is important about their selection.
c) Take the original handout, and help students fill in the names. See how their journals compare to the actuality of the pantheon.

2. Handout "Immortal Family Tree": Give students information on relationships among immortals. Do assumptions made in earlier journal make sense when...

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