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Book 1

• Athene persuades Zeus to allow Odysseus, who has been trapped on Ogygia by Calypso for many years, to return home.

• Odysseus' home and wife, Penelope, are besieged by suitors trying to marry the queen and become the king.

• Telemachus receives Mentes, a visitor who comes giving news and advice.

• Telemachus calls for a meeting of the assembly because he feels it's time to do something about the suitors.

Book 2

• Before the entire assembly, Telemachus appeals to everyone's better judgment and decency in regards to the suitors.

• The suitors, who blame everything on Penelope, decide to continue to court Penelope and take advantage of Telemachus' hospitality without making amends.

• Athene, first as Mentor then as Telemachus, procures a ship and crew for Telemachus to make his journey to Pylos and Lacedaemon.

Book 3

• Telemachus arrives at Nestor's house during a sacrifice.

• Nestor doesn't have much information about Odysseus since...

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