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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Baldwin assume is the main religion of the Swiss village?
(a) Buddhism.
(b) Islam.
(c) Catholicism.
(d) Judiasm.

2. What difference does Baldwin suggest exists between soldiers that studied in Paris and those that did not?
(a) Many that studied there did not see active duty.
(b) Many that studied there saw active duty
(c) Many that did not study in Paris died in battle.
(d) Many that studied there return to America.

3. What is Baldwin arrested for while in Paris?
(a) The theft of hotel soaps and lotions.
(b) The theft of a hotel sheet.
(c) Stealing money from a hotel.
(d) Writing American propaganda on a hotel wall.

4. According to Baldwin, what discovery brings an end to the alienation of the American student in Paris?
(a) Discovering America from the vantage point of the French African.
(b) Discovering America from the vantage point of Europe.
(c) Discovering European culture.
(d) Discovering American culture.

5. What issue is the American constantly confronted with in Paris?
(a) Colonization.
(b) Identity.
(c) Prejudice.
(d) Racism.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Baldwin's father born?

2. What is one way that Baldwin claims a person can become entrenched in the Parisian lifestyle?

3. What technique did Baldwin say he used in arguments with his father?

4. What university were American soldiers attending in Paris?

5. When was Baldwin's father born?

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