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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Baldwin criticize the book Native Son?
(a) The book describes the life of a Negro man as if he was a White man.
(b) The book dehumanizes Negro women and makes the Negro man superior to the Negro woman.
(c) The book negates the role of the black woman in society.
(d) The book negates the whole race and converts the Negro man's pride into anger.

2. What impeded the Progressive Party's progression in Harlem during the 1940s?
(a) The campaign promises were geared towards African Americans.
(b) The campaign promises were geared towards Whites.
(c) The campaign promises were too common.
(d) The campaign promises were too extravagant.

3. Why does Baldwin assert that White people contribute to the perpetuation of the stereotypical characters such as Aunt Jemima and Uncle Tom?
(a) Because Whites like being entertained by the stereotypical figures of Black Americans.
(b) Because Whites want to believe the happy, subservient personas of Black people
(c) Because African Americans love to imitate these types of stereotypical characters.
(d) Because Whites want to believe that Black people are unhappy with their lives.

4. According to Baldwin, what color are the robes of the saved?
(a) White.
(b) Black.
(c) Red.
(d) Green.

5. How does Baldwin describe literature on the subject of the Negro in America when it is written by Blacks?
(a) Social Literature.
(b) Change Literature.
(c) Protest Literature.
(d) Problem Literature.

6. What novel does Baldwin criticize as a more modern piece of shallow propaganda from the Negro experience?
(a) Carmen Jones.
(b) Native Son.
(c) Uncle Tom's Cabin.
(d) Black No More.

7. Who was the representative of the Progressive Party in Atlanta?
(a) Mrs. Frank Johnson.
(b) Mr. Henry Wallace.
(c) Mrs. Dorothy Dandridge.
(d) Mrs. Branson Price.

8. Who was the legal guardian and road manager of the Melodeers during their journey to Atlanta?
(a) Clarence Warde.
(b) Branson Price.
(c) Adam Jones.
(d) Henry Wallace.

9. Who was the presidential candidate representing the Progressive Party at the time Baldwin wrote this essay?
(a) Henry Wallace.
(b) James Jordan.
(c) Paul Roberson.
(d) Clarence Warde.

10. How is history and the progress of the Negro described in the chapter entitled Many Thousands Gone?
(a) Non-existent.
(b) Sufficient.
(c) Anti-Social.
(d) Social.

11. Where can the true raison d'être of the Negro press be found?
(a) Lifestyle sections of the Black magazines.
(b) Letters to the editor.
(c) The front pages of the Negro newspapers.
(d) Ebony magazine.

12. What is the setting of the opening of Native Son?
(a) A Chicago tenement.
(b) A YMCA in Atlanta, GA.
(c) The projects of the Bronx, NY.
(d) A Harlem apartment.

13. Which of the following is not a characteristic given to history by Baldwin?
(a) Remote Violence.
(b) Negative images in the media.
(c) Slum.
(d) Injustices.

14. How is the Negro in America referred to in the chapter entitled Many Thousands Gone?
(a) A gloomy mist.
(b) A mass of darkness.
(c) A series of mishaps.
(d) A series of shadows.

15. Why was Uncle Tom's Cabin was written?
(a) To abolish slavery.
(b) To prove slavery is wrong.
(c) To tell the true story of Uncle Tom.
(d) To show the every day life of a slave.

Short Answer Questions

1. The story of Carmen Jones deals with what type of people?

2. What's the name of Baldwin's brother who relayed his experience with the Melodeers in Atlanta?

3. What did the parents of the Melodeers oppose prior to their departure for Atlanta?

4. What does Baldwin claim Jews and Negroes must use in order to be accepted in the 1940s and 1950s?

5. Why does Baldwin insist that the operatic songs performed by the cast in the film Carmen Jones have no connection to Negro life?

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