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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Stranger in the Village.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Baldwin say must sustain the American Negro in the present?
(a) The European future.
(b) The African past that is disregarded in Europe.
(c) The American past that is disregarded in Europe.
(d) The European present.

2. According to Baldwin, where does the family lineage of any black man in America stop?
(a) Colonization.
(b) Emancipation.
(c) Africa.
(d) The slave trade.

3. Who played the villainous second male lead in Carmen Jones?
(a) Sammy Davis, Jr.
(b) Harry Belafonte.
(c) Sidney Poitier.
(d) Joe Adams.

4. Why does Baldwin go to the Swiss village?
(a) To practice a new religion.
(b) To study the culture of the people in the village.
(c) To write.
(d) To see if there are any Black people in Switzerland.

5. According to Baldwin, which of the following can the black man call home?
(a) Nowhere.
(b) France.
(c) America.
(d) Africa.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Baldwin, what color are the robes of the saved?

2. What does Baldwin suggest the presupposition of the two novels Kingsblood Royal and If He Hollers Let Him Go are in the chapter entitled Many Thousands Gone?

3. What genre of film is the movie Carmen Jones?

4. Since Negroes have been in this country, Baldwin writes that their one devastating gain was:

5. What color clothing did Baldwin say he did not have to wear to his father's funeral?

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