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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Notes of a Native Son.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Hollywood studio produced the film Carmen Jones?
(a) MGM Studios.
(b) Universal Studios.
(c) Twentieth Century Fox.
(d) Walt Disney Studios.

2. What technique did Baldwin say he used in arguments with his father?
(a) Name calling.
(b) Combative behavior.
(c) Silence.
(d) Violence.

3. Why does Baldwin criticize the cleanliness of the Carmen Jones movie set?
(a) Because they do not accurately portray the environments of the working class Negroes characterized in the movie.
(b) Because they do not show the intermingling of working class Negroes and Whites.
(c) Because it does not accurately portray the American ghetto.
(d) Because they do not accurately portray the working-class.

4. What two stereotypical figures does the author portray as portraits of the Negro in America with laudatory and heinous qualities?
(a) Aunt Jemima and Othello.
(b) Aunt Jemima and Carmen Jones.
(c) Carmen Jones and Uncle Tom.
(d) Aunt Jemima and Uncle Tom.

5. What was the name of the establishment where the Melodeers ate their meals while in Atlanta?
(a) Fraziers' Café.
(b) Hunter Street Café.
(c) Red's Diner.
(d) Fraziers' Diner.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has made some changes in the face of the Negro?

2. What was the political affiliation of the Amsterdam Star-News?

3. Who was the legal guardian and road manager of the Melodeers during their journey to Atlanta?

4. Where is Atlanta located?

5. Where is Harlem located?

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