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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the letter Bukowski's ex-wife sends him, she says that he should attend poetry readings at which church?
(a) Methodist Church.
(b) Unitarian Church.
(c) Evangelical Church.
(d) Baptist Church.

2. In section six, Bukowski notes that all the so-called artists in the Village are wearing what type of hat?
(a) Cowboy hats.
(b) Baseball hats.
(c) Berets.
(d) Top hats.

3. In section one, what item does the Filipino man guarding Bukowski's door have in his hand?
(a) Axe.
(b) Knife.
(c) Shotgun.
(d) Hammer.

4. When Bukowski's friend witnessed a murder, what does he say the killers gave him to keep him quiet?
(a) Wallet.
(b) Money.
(c) Knife.
(d) Coat.

5. From what country does Henry's doctor come in section seventeen?
(a) Korea.
(b) Australia.
(c) Austria.
(d) Turkey.

Short Answer Questions

1. To which show tune do Freddie and his daughter dance in section eleven?

2. What is the name of Jack's friend who shows up when he sits back down to sew?

3. The other patients are reading all BUT WHICH of the following magazines when Henry arrives at the doctor's office?

4. What does Jack get out of the freezer toward the end of section fourteen?

5. Who is knocking at the door when Bukowski wakes up after the card game fight?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Bukowski mean at the end of section five when he says, "who cares about a dead battery?"

2. Describe the relationship between Freddie and his daughter in section eleven.

3. In section ten, how does Moss convince Shareen to let them come over?

4. In section seven, by what process does Bukowski pick the fight winners at the Olympic?

5. In section sixteen, explain what event Red says he witnessed for which he was given a wallet to keep quiet.

6. Explain what Neal is doing when Bukowski meets him in section four.

7. Based on the foreword, describe the process by which this book came to be.

8. What does Bukowski say after relating the rant from the sportscaster who wants to lock up the mad?

9. What do Moss and Anderson decide in the course of their discussion about the laws of nature in regard to mating practices?

10. Explain who saws off Jimmy Crispin's wings in section two, and why.

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