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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is knocking at the door when Bukowski wakes up after the card game fight?
(a) Police.
(b) No one.
(c) Landlady.
(d) Friends.

2. To which show tune do Freddie and his daughter dance in section eleven?
(a) Man of La Mancha.
(b) Cabaret.
(c) Hello Dolly.
(d) Chim Chim Cher- Ee.

3. What happens to the narrator at the end of section thirteen?
(a) He goes to work.
(b) He passes out.
(c) His girlfriend shows up.
(d) He dies.

4. In his foreword, what does Bukowski say is the name of John Bryan's underground newspaper?
(a) Bryan's Post.
(b) Revolutionary City.
(c) Open City.
(d) Free City.

5. Which of the friends says, in section ten, that some men just aren't any good with women and that he personally never has been?
(a) Moss.
(b) Bukowski.
(c) Bird.
(d) Anderson.

6. In section three, how much money does Big Jack say Bukowski owes him?
(a) 40.
(b) 60.
(c) 120.
(d) 30.

7. What kind of dog guards L's house in section fifteen?
(a) Pit bull.
(b) German shepherd.
(c) Doberman.
(d) Rottweiler.

8. When Bukowski leaves the apartment after the card game fight, to which city does he take a bus?
(a) Portland.
(b) Los Angeles.
(c) Dallas.
(d) New Orleans.

9. According to Bukowski's friend, during the murder he witnessed the killers used what to murder their victim?
(a) Knife.
(b) Gun.
(c) Rock.
(d) Clothesline.

10. In the foreword, Bukowski says that the book contains selections from about _____ months worth of columns.
(a) 14.
(b) 24.
(c) 3.
(d) 9.

11. As section three begins, what instrument does Bukowski sit down to play?
(a) Piano.
(b) Guitar.
(c) Fiddle.
(d) Saxophone.

12. According to the little girl in section eleven, who slapped her?
(a) Teacher.
(b) Marty.
(c) Freddie.
(d) Mother.

13. In section eight, the official payoff of $5.40 means Bukowski will get $27.00 instead of what possible amount?
(a) $50.00.
(b) $39.00.
(c) $30.00.
(d) $45.00.

14. Upon arriving at L's house, Bukowski notes that there's a guitar worth how much money laying in the porch swing?
(a) $85.
(b) $800.
(c) $250.
(d) $125.

15. Bukowski says in section eighteen that he last tried suicide in what year?
(a) 1985.
(b) 1945.
(c) 1954.
(d) 1961.

Short Answer Questions

1. What year does Bukowski say it is at the beginning of section eight?

2. When Bukowski arrives in his room in the Village in New York, what item does he find in the room that he considers useless?

3. As Bukowski and his friend head to L's house, the friend comments that L owes how much in back taxes?

4. How much money does Bukowski lose after the angel loses his wings and is unable to play the final game?

5. As section eight begins, how much money is Bukowski down?

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