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Chapters 1-6

• Robinson is a third grade teacher who wants revenge on Dolan very badly.

• Dolan is a gangster who killed Robinson's wife who was blown up in a car after contacting the police about Dolan's crimes.

• Elizabeth was a first grade teacher. Since her death, Robinson has planned on how he could get revenge on Dolan by killing him.

• Dolan is not an easy target, and he is very careful. His Cadillac is armor-plated and has bullet proof glass. He has two armed body guards with him at all times.

• Robinson takes 9 years to make a plan and execute it, which involves joining a construction crew where he suffers blistering heat every day.

• Robinson decides the best way to kill Dolan is to catch him on a highway detour, and he plans to dig a grave on the highway, trap Dolan's car in the pit, and bury...

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