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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Shannon say he is dizzy with?
(a) Sex
(b) Love
(c) Fun
(d) Fever

2. Who does Maxine say answers for Fred?
(a) God's wrath
(b) Little Lord Pinch
(c) Little Sir Echo
(d) His brother

3. What does Hannah want for her Grandfather?
(a) A fountain pen
(b) A shower hat
(c) A tub-bath
(d) A hot water bottle

4. What song does Shannon say the Germans are singing?
(a) Borst Wurst
(b) Lily Marlene
(c) Horst Wessel
(d) Ich Liebe Deutschland

5. What symbolizes that Shannon is thinking of going back to the church?
(a) His I love Jesus t-shirt
(b) His bare feet
(c) His gold cross
(d) His dog collar

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Miss Fellowes' first name?

2. What Spanish word does Miss Fellowes say to the Mexican boys?

3. Who did Shannon write a complete confession to?

4. Which of Fred's belongings does Maxine offer Shannon?

5. Who is the cartoon by?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Hannah get over her own problems?

2. Why does Shannon think Hannah is a hustler?

3. Why can Shannon not stay at the hotel?

4. Why does Hannah want to stay at the Costa Verde?

5. What reason does Maxine give for Shannon's angry sermons and sexual relations with young girls?

6. What does Hannah tell Shannon about the hospital she visited in Shanghai?

7. How does Hannah react to Nonno's death?

8. How does Hannah plan to raise money to pay her hotel bill?

9. Why did Shannon take a job as a tour guide?

10. What is Nonno's poem about?

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